Apr 22, 2008

Ethics and Morals Part I

This is a Paganism 101 Essay/Lesson, NOT a Hedgewitch Lesson

Ethics and Morals:

Part 1
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Written at the Oracle at Delphi was "To Know Thyself is to Know the Way". We are going to look at what this means, and how this applies to each of us and our Craft.

Firstly, "Know Thyself". Everyone believes we know ourselves better than anyone else, but in reality, humans are able to deceive themselves about who they truly are.

Most people, if given the task of listing their good and bad qualities, can come up with long lists of bad points. Often these points are imagined by the list maker, or made into a problem when they are not. Others make long lists of good points, which are often imagined or exaggerated as well.

Dividing a person's personality into "good" or "bad" is the problem, as not all "bad" personality traits are truly bad, while many "good" personality traits can be detrimental to the person. Acknowledging both sides of our personality, and knowing that a healthy dose of both "good" and "bad" qualities can bring us balance, is what we should strive for. This will cause us to become more aware of our actions, accept that we are not perfect, and make us happier, more balanced people.

Secondly, "To Know the Way". This is where witchcraft comes into play. Without knowing oneself, we cannot possibly know our way. We cannot see where the self and divine come together, where they diverge. If we know ourselves, we can interpret oracles, divination and omens better, because we can separate them from what we feel.

Discovery of Deity is the discovery of the self. You can only know Deity as well as you know yourself.


1) Are you happy with your life and yourself? Why or why not?

2) What can you do to make your life better?

3) Make a list of your "good" and "bad" qualities. Take your time, search your soul, and be honest.

4) Now, for every "good" quality, list why it has been a detriment in your life. And for every "bad" quality, list how it has helped you.

5) Keep a journal with the following in it:

Moon Phase:
Astrological information for the day:
Was today a good day? Why or why not?
Did you learn something new today? What was it?

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