Apr 22, 2008

Ethics and Morals Part II B

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Ethics and Morals Part II-B

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Keep a journal about working on the 13 Goals of a Witch. Write down which of the goals you did that day, how it went. Also write down the goals that you did not do, and why you didn't do them.

Some questions to consider: Which goals are easiest for you? Which is most difficult? How can you achieve these goals each day?

The Thirteen Goals of a Witch

By: Scott Cunningham

Know yourself
Who are you? Getting to know who we are is a life time journey. We are always growing and changing. Do you know who you truly are? The exploration of the soul is the most important journey you will ever make.

Know your Craft
The Craft. Many different traditions and ways of worship. Reading the "right" books doesn't lead you to the right path. Knowing that your learning is never complete does.

To achieve any goals you must be on a quest to learn more.

Apply knowledge with wisdom
Knowledge and Wisdom are not interchangable words. Knowledge is what you gain through study. Wisdom is what you gain through experience and intuition. Use both.

Achieve balance
Take a deep breath. Most peoples's lives are in chaos, constantly running and working, and seemingly having no order to them. Work on your environment and life to achieve a balance, to make time for your spiritual journey as well as your mundane life.

Keep your thoughts in good order
Fairly self explanatory.

Keep your words in good order
"Speak ye little listen much" is a VERY important lesson. Thinking before you speak is important in all parts of your life, not just your spiritual journey.

Celebrate life
Enjoy life! Every day is a a reason to celebrate, even if you don't believe it is. Remember to look at the good parts of your day, however small, and revel in them.

Attune with the cycles of the Earth
Pagans worship the earth, so we must be in tune with Her and Her cycles. Pay attention to the seasons, the weather. Smell a flower's scent, hug a tree.

Breathe and eat correctly
Learn to breathe correctly, and eat healthy to sustain your body.

Exercise the body
Exercise is good for the mind, body and soul.

Meditation is just as important as exercise and proper eating. Quieting the mind can help you tackle things in your mundane and spiritual life that might ordinarily be overwhelming.

Honour the Goddess and God
Honouring the Goddess and God can be as simple as lighting a candle or some incense and saying a quick prayer, or performing a full ritual and feast in Their honour. It is up to you, but it is the best way to become in tune with Deity.

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