Sep 17, 2008

Channel 4's "Real Wizards: The Search for Harry's Ancestors"

Doing some more research on Finnish Shamanism, and the ancient religions of the Finns, I came across Channel 4's page about Wizardry and Witchcraft.

I think that this page: SHAMANIC VISIONS is a great, short overview of Shamanism. Then this page: WITCHES' BREW tells a bit about the history of Traditional Witchcraft.

The FIND OUT MORE page has some okay links, as well as some books that aren't terrible for people looking into the history of shamanism and witchcraft. Not bad for a fluff piece to do with Harry Potter.


mrsb said...

Pretty good article, like you said, for a fluff piece. A good bit of real info. Too bad they aren't all more like this.

Tori said...

I checked out the page, and I couldn't believe it. There really was useful information on it. You're right, it's not bad for a piece to do with Harry Potter.

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