Sep 8, 2008

Getting to the Sabbat: Flying Ointments, Herbs, and Psychotropic Drugs

At this point in my journey I don't need special ointments, music or drugs to "cross the hedge". But on occasion I use a specific tea to help me on more complicated journeys. It's not overtly psychotropic, but it helps me get ready for the experience, and "loosen up" enough to let go of myself to step fully through the veil.

This is the recipe for the tea. (I do NOT condone nor imply that the use of this tea is healthy. I am merely posting this for interest's sake. Know that herbs CAN be dangerous, and do not take any without the advice of a doctor.)

Aelwyn's Flying Tea

2 parts mugwort
1 part wormwood
1 part rue
2 parts catplant
2 bay leaves
2 parts damiana

I grind these up in a mortar and pestle (or for quick use or days when my hands hurt, a small coffee grinder), and put them in a tea ball. I boil water, and steep a medium sized glass pot for about 15 minutes. I pour the tea into my cup, swirling it counter-clockwise (deosil, or against the sun), and concentrate on my intention of "night flying". I then drink the tea while meditating on where I am going, what I wish to learn, who I wish to see, etc. Then I head to bed.

This is not something I do often, as taking a lot of the above herbs can be harmful (just like any drug). Most of the time I can work with Otherkin and Spirits without crossing the hedge, it's almost like the veil is thin enough around myself that They can see me, and I can see Them and communicate with Them without an issue.

But on days when I wish to do some more powerful workings, or have questions that need answers, I will "fly the hedge".

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Tori said...

I haven't actually even tried to work with herbs yet. This sounds like an interesting tea though. Hopefully I'll be able to use it some day!

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