Sep 8, 2008

My Hedgewitch Tools

After a post in this group, I decided to post a bit about my own tools. So here is a small list:

1) Over the years I have collected many Athames. Being a former Wiccan these were integral to my practice. Now I don't really cast Circles anymore, though, so they're mostly decorative. I DO have a working knife---it is double edged and very sharp. Usually the working knife of a Hedgewitch is single sided, but I like this one as it's Romanesque.

2) I have two wands made of willow. One is long, with a crystal at the end, wrapped in copper, and a lapis lazuli on it. I need to redo the handle, though, as the leather is coming off (I've used this for about a decade now). This is used for channeling energies into items, sending energy out, etc. The second is a "blasting rod". It is a small piece of weeping willow, and is used for darker magic (cursing, vexing, etc). Traditionally a blasting rod is made of blackthorn wood, but since I have such ties to the weeping willow, I use that with much success.

3) I also have a Stang. This is a staff with a forked top. It is made from a piece of tree that was downed by lightening. It is currently decorated with ribbons, but I plan to change it to fur, horns and bone when I have a moment of time. This is used to create sacred space, in place of the Athame. It represents the veil between this world and the Otherworld.

4) Besomes! I love my besoms! These are for a) clearing space (I have one specifically for that) and b) hedgeriding! (Night Flights, etc). There is also one with a wrought iron handle hanging over my kitchen door for protection, as well as keeping the faeries out (They are welcome anywhere in the house except the kitchen, as They tend to make a mess in there, so I have a lot of Iron in the kitchen).

5) I plan to make myself a full staff as well, when I find the proper piece of wood and the time to do it.

6) Then there is my cast iron cauldron (thanks to the roomie! She gave it to me since she never uses it) that is rather large, and will be used for making all sorts of herbal concoctions!

7) Mortar and pestle. These are likely the most used. I have different ones for different uses. These include a wooden one, a brass one, and a wrought iron one (which is REALLY heavy). I also use a small coffee grinder (electric) for grinding up herbs. I have one for edibles and one for non-edibles.

8) Wooden spoons! These are used for cooking, adding magic to foods, and mixing herbal concoctions.

9) Candles. I use a lot of candles in my practices. I need to get back into making my own soon--it just adds so much more power to your workings.

10) Divination tools. I mostly use my faery oracle cards at the moment. But I am known to scry (crystal ball, black mirror, magic mirror, water, fire) as well. I also use a spirit board that I hand made, and consecrated to Hekate on Nemoralia/Feast of Hekate this year.

11) And of course, my herbs. My man and I have a vast collection of herbs, pretty well everything from A-Z, as well as oils. We also have some other odds and ends in that collection, including snake skin, various nuts and seeds, railroad nails, and other curios used for magical means.

I'll end the list there for now. These are tools I use in magic and Hedgewitchery. There are other things I create as needed, such as salves, poppets, teas, etc. I find these work best when freshly created, and putting the energies into them for their final purpose.

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