Sep 8, 2008

Traditional Witchcraft Wiki

I just want to share this amazing link with everyone. It has a ton of great information for anyone on a Traditional Witchcraft path (including Hedgewitchery, Sabbatic Craft, Cunning, etc).

Traditional Witchcraft Wiki

From their front page:

"Traditional Witchcraft is a term that was introduced to refer to the aboriginal spiritual traditions of Europe. There really is no collective historical term that could be used to refer to these traditions, so the use of the term Traditional Witchcraft is used to refer to these traditions. Those who follow these traditional ways are often referred to as Traditionalists.

Unfortunately, in an effort for Traditionalists to define their cultural beliefs and traditions which varied dramatically from those proposed within the Neo-Pagan movement, somehow the term Traditional Witchcraft was also adopted by those who became disenchanted with Neo-Paganism and its Wiccan counterpart. Still others adopted simultaneously the term Traditional Witchcraft as a rebellious movement against the fluffy bunny goodness and light that seemed to be manifesting itself within contemporary Paganism. Of course, this deviated extensively from the definition of Traditional Witchcraft and from the those who actually are Traditionalists.

This wiki project will focus entirely on the Traditional Witchcraft and will attempt to create a community driven resource of articles and information regarding Traditional Witchcraft. If you are looking for information or want to see more about a topic please place an article request."

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