Sep 21, 2008

Veronica Cummer

I keep hearing a LOT about this woman from Traditional Witches and those who claim to be Hedgewitches. I can't find any information except that she has apparently been a witch for 20 years, and writing for even longer.

Here is a description from the website

Old Forest Craft
by Veronica Cummer

This is a book about the religion once practiced ages ago in the Old Forest region of Europe. The book contains channeled messages from the Gods of the Old Forest and from the fey, as well as stories, myths, legends, and bits and pieces of the old witch language. It is not meant to be a “Wicca 101” book, but the next stage towards witches, in particular those of European descent, being able to reclaim their heritage. In this regard, there is no other book currently out there quite like this one. Not only does it provide a link to the past, but it also gives witches a potential focus for the future.

The book is divided into four parts. Part one is about witches, including where they came from and why they are here, what it means to be “of the Blood,” why witches work in covens, and the origin of the Witches’ Sabbat. Part two contains information regarding 22 of the Gods of the Old Forest, as well as invocations which can be used to call Them. Part three has a basic ritual and other magickal rites and techniques, including three guided meditations, “Riding to the Sabbat,” and connecting to the spirits of the land and to the fey. The final part includes information on the Elemental beings and the Gods in regards to the Quarters and Cross-Quarters, why we do ritual, the link between the arts and the Muse, as well as some of the steps needed for witches to find their way back to the power and knowledge of the Old Ones.

"Channeled messages from Gods of the Old Forest and Fey"? "Of the blood"? "Why witches work in covens"? I mean, seriously? I want to read this book to see why everyone thinks it's such a great read for Hedgewitches and Traditional Witches, as it SEEMS from the description to be yet another "Neo-Pagan 101" with a twist of mysticism (I don't tend to believe anyone who says a God channeled them a message to mass produce and make money from).

Then I found this piece of crap writing she wrote for New Witch Magazine: Dress Up Your Magical Image With Colour . It's full of very non-Hedgewitch or non-Traditional Craft information that one can grab from a Mama $ilver book, or even any neo-Pagan website out there. If I were to judge her writing from this article alone, I would say it is fluffy, and is trying to appeal to the Cosmo crowd (or teens).

Maybe I'll have to buy the book so I can do a proper review. But thus far, I am not impressed.


mrsb said...

I am a pretty harsh skeptic about most things. I do believe in ghosts, big foot, fairies, UFOs....but when I hears someone say that they saw one, or were "visited" or channeled a first reaction is "yeah, right!".

Anyone trying to make money off of something like this tends to set off my B.S. detector.

Mittsie said...

Teehee ... Cummer. Teehee.

(Sorry, total FAMILY GUY moment there. lol.)

Celestite said...

People have been claiming that god gave them a message to spread since Moses talked to the burning bush.
This sounds like the sort of thing that is intended to stir people up and get attention, not a serious work about anything.
Lots of that going around too.
Let us know if you do read it...what you think about it.

Aelwyn said...

I've done some more research on "The Old Forest Region of Europe" that Cummer claims this religion that she channeled is from.

What part of Europe? There are "old forest regions" ALL OVER Europe.

Again, far too vague. I may have to buy this book to check further into it.

Hex said...

20 years huh? Big deal.. I can top that.. LOL
I haven't heard much about her.. But I'm not impressed with what I have read of hers so far..

Andunien said...

Lol, this lady makes me giggle.

"All here me, for I speak to the Old Gods who's names I don't know because they haven't told me, from obscure Old Forest which only I know the location of! Bow down before my speshulness!"

Sorry lady, we already have Raven Silver-I-Don't-Know-Squat. We don't need you kthx :)

Veronica Cummer said...

Hello all,

I stumbled across your comments here and thought I would put in my two cents worth. If you're looking for something with a bit more to it look up my article in The Crooked Path.

As for using "channeled" material in the book, myself and many other priests and priestesses spent more than a dozen years talking with these Gods and Goddesses and exploring this path. Ritual possession is a very important part of our practice and has been for years. I know that it kind of has a bad rep due to its association with New Age channelings about aliens and angels and the like, which I also consider to be more than a bit "out there."

I didn't write this book to make money. In fact, most Craft books make very little money.

I would be glad to try and answer any questions that you have, though. :)



Aelwyn said...

I have no doubt that channeling works (gods know I've channeled my Matron many a time).

Some questions:

Where did the name of the book come from? Is there etymology behind it? Which "Old Forest" of Europe are you talking about?

Aelwyn said...

Oh---and I looked for your article in The Crooked Path, and could not find it.

Veronica Cummer said...

Hi again,

The article is named "The Call" and is in the 2nd issue of The Crooked Path.

The word "sorgitzak" is in the language that these Gods and Goddesses taught us. It means, basically, "witches all," as in witches of the past/present/future and the group consciousness of all witches. We are still exploring all the connotations of that. :)

What I mean by Old Forest was not a particular forest that is around today (though remnants still exist in Europe, of course) but the great old forest which used to cover most of Europe. These Gods mostly talk about Their source/power coming from the Duna River (the Danube) and that whole region. I also meant the old forest as in the one that exists as an archetype within us...the haunted, mysterious forest that appears still in much of our art and fiction because it is an unconscious memory of the old forest where our ancestors came from.

Who's your matron if you don't mind me asking? :) I know some folks who have a specific God or Goddess that they are attached to and pledged to, such as Mab and Hekatah, among others.



Aelwyn said...

I will have to look that article up.

What language is Sorgitzak in? Who told you that? Is there any archaeological evidence to back any of this up?

I have to admit, I read a bit of the book on Google Books, and you're not saying much that I haven't heard in some form or another.

The "Witches Blood" bothers me, as it gives those seeking Power over others something to cling to--perhaps another version of "Dead Granny Syndrome".

I am a child of Ekath. She revealed Herself to me at Mabon of 2001, and claimed me as Her own. I am also a child of Pan, as He has been with me since childhood. I am also now answering the call of Herne.

Anonymous said...

Hi, all,
I have been a friend and Craft sister of Veronica for nearly 20 years -- she was initiated into Craft 10 months before I was, so we've been through a lot together.
It is unfortunate that the word "channeling" has taken on such fluffy new age implications, because the experience, itself, is a cornerstone of Craft. Whether you call it "aspecting" or whatever, it is the act and experience of Divine Possession, and it is very real.
The word "possession" has equally negative connotations, in many circles, but it actually more accurate.
The Witch Blood is the spark within that draws a witch to the path -- or perhaps "back" to the path, for it is carried from lifetime to lifetime. It is not something that one claims to gain attention or acclaim, or even legitimacy -- it is simply an inner reality that can awaken or be awakened and will call the witch to the old ways.
Blessings to all,

Anonymous said...

Hello sisters and brothers. I have a bit of input about this discussion on Veronica Cummer's book Sorgitzak. I have read about half of it so far and am still reading.I am a teacher (among other things) and am always looking for new material to recommend to my students or to tell them to stay away from IMO. Since some are throwing out their credentials, I will say FYI I have been an initiated Witch for 36 years and am mostly Alexadrian in practice with a lineage of 5 generations to Alex and Maxine Sanders.

I find Veronica's book to be a little hard to read and follow at times, but over all, so far to be uplifting, and enjoyable. It is more like creative writing than text book style. The poetry is beautiful. Does it matter where it is channeled from?? All art, all creative endevouors, all invention is channeled from "Hod" and "Netzach" and from the God's.

She is insprired. All Wicca from the past century is all inspiration and invention. I find her path to ring in trueness to my soul. Of course not ALL of it. As I follow my own path and take from my environment and where the God's lead me what I supposed to own. I also enjoy how she speaks about physics and universal cycles. It is not new, no, but it is another way to put it that might reach some people easier than quite a few physicists' writings.

Through my own meditations I have seen similar truths. All I would say is reserve your opinions to after reading through her work. And by all means, remember that all creative endevours are from another place and not of this world. It they were from this world, nothing new would have ever been invented.

Live with compassion and love in your hearts, Sarryl

Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica,

i'm from the blood line, pure european from France and understand your channeling and teaching and...i've been lost here in the US with the Gardnerian new age there a way to contact you? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello. :)

My email is

Any of you can feel free to email me and chat at any time. I'm always happy to talk Craft, whether we agree or disagree.


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