Oct 19, 2008

Some Witchy Photography....

My friend Mav from the amazing Mackellar's Haven (or check her out on Facebook here) needed people to model some of the items she has available, including cloaks and robes (100% wool, btw). So, of course, I offered to a) do makeup and b) model. I'm a camera whore....I admit it. :P

Anyhow, here are my favourites from the shoot:

And AWESOME photo of Mavie. Doesn't she just make a monk-type robe HAWT?

Me....don't I look ready to curse you?

Me again--the sexy witch. I LOVE the colour of that cloak.

Mav and I putting on our best Wood Witch faces.

Me trying to look "mystical". *snicker*

We have more (some on Mav's camera, some on 35mm that needs to be developed). The 35mm pics are more creative (including masks, "gothy" posing, etc), so I'll have to do a post with those as well.

My man is the one who did the photos, and I did both our makeup. All the robes and cloaks are available at Mackellar's Haven, your best bet is to go to the Facebook page I posted above. :)


mrsb said...

Wow! Great robes!

solsticedreamer said...

oh that blue cloak is gorgeous!

Hex said...

I am so not into the cloak and robe thing, but you are very photogenic :)

Tori said...

Awesome photos!

willow said...

the cloaks and robes are great! my mom used to have a purple one when i was a little girl but i must admit, i love the blue!

Tori said...

Hey, I just tagged you on my blog!

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