Oct 8, 2008

You do hoodoo?

Okay, so I've been searching for an MP3 of the Conjure of Sacrifice. Haven't found it yet, but here are some interesting links:

Lucky Mojo Rootwork--podcasts about hoodoo and spellcasting, among other occult topics.
Hoodoo Lady by Memphis Mini-mp3 of the song
Conjure of Sacrifice-you can listen to a sample of this from the Skeleton Key soundtrack

Here is some information on the track:

The Skeleton Key, film score Conjure of Sacrifice
Composed by Edward Shearmur
Performed by Hollywood Studio Symphony
with Lyle Workman, George Doering, David Zasloff, Mike Fisher, Brian Kilgore, Charles Bisharat
Conducted by Edward Shearmur

(courtesy of Amazon.com)


mrsb said...

Coming from a place in Texas with a lot of Cajun influence, I love reading about Hoodoo/Voodoo and the like.

Thanks for the links

Anonymous said...

Yup, hoodoo is what I do..

Wow, when you say thot outloud, it sounds incredibly stupid..

Aelwyn said...

Hex: It doesn't sound stupid....just kinda alliterate (is that a word?).

MrsB: You're very welcome.

Oh---and so you both know, I downloaded the full MP3 for the Conjure of Sacrifice....so if you would like a copy, email me at aelwyndaeira@yahoo.ca .

WyrrdWitch said...

I love The Skeleton Key.

I'm one of Miss Cat's students. The woman knows her stuff, was an adviser for the movie and the Hoodoo shop scene features some of her Lucky Mojo products.

Where did you finally find the full mp3?

Aelwyn said...

Wyrrd: That's very cool! I love the information on the special features part of the DVD. She seems like an amazing woman!

I found it here: https://www.sentero.net/ . It's a site where you sign up to download MP3s, and you get a $2.50 credit, and songs are about $0.25 each. :)

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