Nov 30, 2008

These two videos, made about 3 decades apart, shows how attitudes towards witchcraft and modern Paganism has changed. Really interesting. While the minister in the second video isn't exactly EMBRACING Paganism, and hopes to bring Pagans over to worshipping the "One True God", she also admits that Witches might feel God in their own way, and that way might be through nature and Witchcraft.

(Since embedding screwed up my blog, here are the links)

Boscastle Witch Museum in the 1960s
Boscastle Witchcraft Museum--A Seaside Parish

Here are some videos of a tour of Boscastle Witch Museum:

Boscastle Witch Museum Interior--1
Boscastle Witch Museum Interior--2
Witchcraft Museum


Dana said...

Well, at least they're not quite condemning us, though there's still a fair chance that they have no idea who or what we are... or how varied we can be.

It amused me that when the Rev. was explaining herself she was leaning backwards. It was almost as if she didn't want to condemn herself with the answer she was giving.

Sea Priestess said...

lol that museum is hilarious! all the time of popped down to kernow i've never managed to visit to MoW and now I'm glad I didn't. Did you see that documentary about the first female priest in Kernow? The locals still practice folk magic down there. (I wouldnt call it Witcchraft) and they kept leaving jellies on her doorstep with little female priests embedded, as a curse. Those cornish are a funny lot. ;)

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