Jan 22, 2009

Help Aelwyn Get to the NYC Makeup Show!

I desperately want to go to the Makeup Show in New York on Sunday, May 17th. It's my dream to be part of the Makeup and Fashion industry, and this could really help me with gaining contacts, finding new products, etc.

Grant will be driving me down (since the car is more comfortable for me, due to heated seats and the ability to recline and stretch my legs out). A night in a hotel is about $300-$350 (we'd only be staying Saturday night, and leaving Sunday evening).

The cost to get into the show for one day is $45 in advance, or $65 at the door. There are also seminars that I can pay to take on Sunday, and those run from $135-$250.

I'm hoping to at least go to the show and catch some of the free seminars. But it would be nice to take some of the paid seminars, as well.

As everyone knows, money is tight everywhere, but especially with my meds (the ones the government won't pay for), and my new dietary requirements (which, again, the government can't help with as I'm at max allowance), plus trying to pay for school and all my supplies.

So I'm asking everyone to please help sponsor my trip to New York.


**$100** Anyone who donates $100 gets a free Makeover party for 10 friends, and that includes Faeries Oracle readings, as well as crystal readings (only available in the GTA/Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario). Otherwise, this entitles you to unlimited Faeries Oracle and crystal readings for 1 full year.

**$30** Anyone who donates $30 or more, gets a free makeup and fashion consultation, as well as a free makeup application good at any time (in the Golden Horseshoe/GTA area), as well as a free Faeries Oracle reading.

**$20** Anyone who donates $20 gets a Faeries Oracle and Crystal Reading via email (or in person, if you want to come visit).

**$10**And anyone who donates $10 gets a free Faeries Oracle reading via email (or in person, if you want to come visit).

I figured some shameless begging couldn't do any harm, since I REALLY want to make it to the show this year. :D

Visit the Facebook Group!


***Invite and tell your friends!!!! :)

***Aelwyn got 99% in her Makeup I course, but is still awaiting her Cosmetology grade. She is currently taking Makeup II and Colour Theory for Makeup and Fashion.

***How to get donations to Aelwyn: message her and she will send you her address for donations to be sent. Unfortunately, she does not have pay pal, but can take Western Union or cheques/cash/money orders in the mail.

***Added some photos of makeup I have done on myself and others. Will continue to add more as I find them.

***Added "Sell Off" in the Discussion Area. Check back frequently to find new items to buy for super cheap!

***2 of the "Sell Off" items are gone!

***Aelwyn and Grant will be at March and April's Hammertown Pagan Pub Moot to do readings to raise money for the NYC trip--be there, or be square!

***Aelwyn is looking into an ING account, to see if money can be transferred straight into that account by donors

***There has so far been a promise of $225 towards donations by various people. Thank you all! ♥

***Everyone who is sending energy, good thoughts, and spreading the word is AWESOME! Thanks to you all! ♥

***Aelwyn will be making $50 as a wedding officiant on May 2nd, which will be going towards the NYC trip

***Aelwyn is receiving a professional makeup case from a former MUA student who left the course--thanks Dannielle! ♥

***Saturday, January 24th is the Meditation Afternoon at Aelwyn's house. She'll be offering one layout readings for $5 each.

***More sell-off items will be available soon, including books.

***Joined InboxDollars to try to make some extra cash. If you join by clicking this link, I'll make 10% of your earnings, too: http://www.inboxdollars.com/?r=ref4810743

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Im not sure if you would like to participate or not but I just tagged you and your blog in the Nightstand Tag. Go here to check it out if you are interested: http://hedgetohearth.blogspot.com/2009/02/i-have-been-night-stand-tagged.html

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