Feb 5, 2009

Been Busy Lately....

I've been busily trying to raise money to get to the NYC Makeup Show, as well as finish school, plus I've had loads of doctor's appointments and the such, so I haven't had much time to post here. I will tomorrow. I have the Imbolg Ritual I wrote for the group ritual on February 7th (the astronomical date of Imbolg), to add.

Anyhow, if you enjoy this blog, and feel like donating a few bucks towards my education, just click on this button to the right that says "Donate to Help Aelwyn Get to the NYC Makeup Show". You can donate from $5 and up. :)

Any and all help is appreciated. I also welcome good thoughts, lit candles, and money spells if you have them. ;)

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Ms. Sabriel said...

Hey thanks for deciding to follow my blog! I hope I will not dissapoint you. I was curious are you following with the lessons? well anyway thanks again.


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