Aug 21, 2009


I'm very excited. I edited and edited the CSS, and it turns out I just had to adjust a setting the easy way. *eyeroll* Isn't that the way it always is? LOL!

Anyhow, I'm really enjoying how my blog looks, and will be editing my Hallowe'en blog to a similar status (only with skulls and the like).

I don't have much to add today. I'm going out with The Man and His Cousin to see "The Inglorious Bastards" tonight (leaving in about an hour). I bought myself some cute shoes for fall at Wally World ($5!!!!!), and got a copy of Repo: The Genetic Opera there for $7.50. Not bad, considering all I wanted to do was pay for my next course (which I did--Makeup III, and it starts on September 21st).

In the Witchy World, I need to organize our herb cabinet, and buy some more jars for honey jars. The Man and I are going antiquing tomorrow, so we'll see what I can find while we're doing that. :) I love finding witchy things at antique places. Maybe we'll go to St. Jacob's....that place is GREAT!

Tomorrow I'll take a photo of my new cast iron dutch oven (aka cauldron without legs). Now I can use that for cooking/baking, and the three legged one for ritual fires and burning things.

The dutch oven was inherited from Grant's Grandma, who passed very recently (her funeral was on Monday). The family is basically going to be cleaning out her house and having a yard sale, so The Man's parents (whom I adore) told me to take what I want from the kitchen. I immediately grabbed the dutch oven...and it was also apparently HER mother's, so that's really nice. We also have her corning ware and various other items that have been well used and well loved. I adore my kitchen items to be that way--especially from family.

So I'll take a pic of Mrs. Smith's kitchen items that I inherited (some crock pots and a mini food processor, too!), and share them with you, as I'm certain I'll be using them in magical baking.


Aelwyn said...

Check one two, check one two!

Rue said...

Like the new layout - and your blog header is wonderful!

Hope you find some treasures tomorrow in the shops!

Aelwyn said...

Thank you so much! :)

I played in Polyvore and just edited with Paint and then Photobucket. I suck at Photoshop...LOL!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm loving the new layout! And the green outline theme mm, mm good! Can't wait to hear about all the fun you had on your outing ; )

willow said...

love the layout! i was also a fan of the old one! i seem to have this thing for stuff that looks like old wallpaper! hope that you have fun in St Jacob's (that place is freakin' the covered flea market!)
can't wait to see your pics...have a fun weekend! (also jealous about inglorious bastards...will be seeing it this weekend!)

Lisey said...

St. Jacob's is really great (I live in Waterloo), but if you're going to the Market make sure you visit the downtown main drag, there is a beautiful little resteraunt that sells hot dogs and fries, but the front property is so beautiful, it'll make any Pagan's heart sing. Not to mention half the resteraunt is an antique store (over-priced in my opinion, but neat nevertheless). It has a big tree and lots of stone sitting areas and steps in front, it'll catch your eye if you see it. It's somewhat on a small hill. Sorry, I wish I could describe it better, but I really miss it there!

Robin said...

Love your blog design.....clean and easy to find my way around....cute banner too.
I was hoping to see The Inglorious Bastards last night but it didn't open anywhere around here. :-(
Hoping for next week. So....did you like it? Was it worth the money, or should I wait and see it on Netflix? :-)
Speaking of money....I love it when I can find a bargain, which it sounds like you did.....$5.00 for shoes?! It's been a while since I made the trip out to the big W. I will have to go check them out this week. :-)
Sorry to hear of Grant's grandmother passing on. As for that hand-me-down Dutch oven, all the better for all the years of seasoning.
Oh and BTW.....thanks for adding my button. I have already popped yours up on my blog as well. :-)
Looking forward to hearing about your trip out antiquing today.

mrsb said...

Your blog is looking AWESOME!

Aelwyn said...

Lisey: I know that place! We had hot dogs there once. LOL! It IS gorgeous, but pricey. I like the wee antique shops that are a little less pricey, that are more "out of the way". Alas, it's pouring down rain, so no go today. Perhaps tomorrow.

Robin: Thanks! TIB is WORTH the money. I usually don't go see movies in theatres (I hate theatres, I get all sore and cramped up by the end of the movie...though I looooove the popcorn). It's something you have to see on the big screen---esp. the grand finale! And thank you for the was hard, with my Grandad and Great Uncle passing 3 months ago, then one of my favourite high school teachers died in a tragic accident, and then Mrs. Smith (even though I think of her as Grandma, and she wanted me to call her that, she'll always be Mrs. Smith to me).

Mrs. B: From you, that is the GREATEST compliment! :D

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