Aug 22, 2009

Freezer Spell...easy kitchen witchery

This is a spell that can be used to stop someone from harming you, others or themselves. It also works to stop gossip, or to even help yourself kick bad habits. Copyright to Hedgewitch Hollow. DO NOT reproduce in any way. For personal use ONLY.

What you need:

-ziplock baggy
-paper with the person's name OR a photo of the person OR both .Adding their birthdate will also connect it to them further. You can even take a photo and put their name and birthdate on the back of it.

What you do:

1) Put some water in the Ziplock bag, close it, and put it in the freezer. Wait for the water to freeze.

2) Take the name of the person OR the photo of the person you wish to freeze and put it in the baggy, then fill with water until it's covered. Close the bag and put back in the freezer, and wait for the water to freeze.

3) If the paper/photo isn't fully covered in ice yet, add some more water, and freeze again.

4) Leave the baggy in the freezer. This will keep the person/habit "on ice" throughout the time you have the baggy in the freezer.

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Bridgett said...

Love this! Thank you!

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