Sep 17, 2009

8 Things Thursday

From Magpie Girl:
Everyone has another personality that shines through from time to time. Maybe you are secretly a sports legend when you play in the rec volleyball league. Maybe you’re a pop star while singing in the shower. Perhaps you are convinced you were with Mark Anthony in a past life.

How do those secret identities shape you? Does your superhero identity effect your Monday-Friday life at the Daily Planet? Are you you really a zen master, a yogi, and happy homemaker under there? What’s your stripper name say about you? Your nom de plume? The uniform in the back of your closet? And if you feel like an old soul, what where you up to last century and how is it influencing you today?

This week’s list: *8Things: Alter Egos and Past Lives. I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours…

1. Aelwyn Daeira. This is me as a witch. It isn't much different than me as, well, me. I'm the same person, but I focus on Witchcraft, Hoodoo, worshiping my Deities, working with the Others, etc.

2. Domestic Diva. This is the woman who does dishes during the day, and makes dinner for her man when he comes home. This is the woman who likes to organize, dust, sweep, and steam mop her floors.

3. Young Irish Catholic Nun. This is one of my past lives. I was a nun in Ireland, sent to the convent by my parents. I had one thing in my small, dingy room that was from a family member---a mirror. It is small and hangs on the wall across from the door. It is dirty/ruined--with dark stains on the edges creeping to the center of the reflecting glass. I was terribly afraid of the Mother Superior in my convent, and slept on a bed with wooden head and foot board, and rope to hold a mattress stuffed with peat moss. I can remember the smell of the convent, and the fear I held.

4. Aelwyn the Faery. My other alter ego. I sometimes do festivals and parties as a faery. I put Faery glitter makeup on people, read Faery stories, and run about bare foot. I wear wings and Faery inspired clothing. I am bubbly.

5. Minion Girl. This is the part I play with my best friend. I help her out with MacKellar's Haven, her business. I press fabric and seams, make fabric buttons, sew buttons on, pin fabric, etc.

6. Makeup Artist. My most professional side. I dress fashionably, wear full makeup. I apply makeup skillfully and make my clients at ease.

7. Student.
Learning! I pay attention and take notes. I get good grades. I try to impress my teachers. I try to make friends with classmates. I bring baked goodies in for everyone.

8. Author/Journalist. This is the writer in me. Blogging, working on the book I've been working on. Researching. Writing articles for various publications. Networking, interviewing, learning, and putting it all on paper for everyone else.


The Frog Queen said...

Thanks for sharing. That was fun and interesting!!


Zedral Z said...

I posted a reply on my blog. Thanks for sharing your list. It was a fun activity. :)

Bridgett said...

Your life as a nun was rather sad. :(

But this was fascinating. Thanks for sharing all your selves with us.


Aelwyn said...

Queen: Thank you!

Zedral: I saw yours! Yay...I hope others join the 8 Things Thursday!

Boo: It was. I had dreams about it, and visions. Then I went for Reiki, and without me saying a WORD, the woman performing it told me all about it. That's the only one I know for sure. I want my man to practice his hypnosis on me, and try to remember other past lives, too. :)

Anonymous said...

You see...!
EVERYONE has loads of things going on in one small body...aren't people amazing.
You really do pack it to the limit!

The nun thing was interesting...
My past lives were horrible...I don't like to think of them...I hope I'm coming to terms with some of them, who knows?
This was really insightful...

Nydia said...

Oh, I was here, while reading your eights, how many alter-ego I have... Now you gave me food for thought...!
Kisses from Nydia.

Aelwyn said...

Nydia: Cool! I think I have more than 8. I'm thinking of doing another post about ALL the roles (or alter egos) I play regularly. :)

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