Sep 21, 2009

Blogger Loser!

It's time I try to start getting the meds weight off me. So what a "crazy random happenstance" (See: Dr. Horrible) that there is a blog project called "Bloggest Loser". Check it out here:


So, a bit about my weight.

A couple years ago I started having health issues. Abdominal pain--severe, to the point of vomiting and blacking out. I had other issues, like losing the feeling in my feet, pain in my back, skin tender to the touch, etc.

Well, I was seeing a wacky doc and a wacky gyne. Rather than checking, they put me on loads of estrogen, presuming I had endometriosis (since it runs in the family). I gained 60 lbs in 3 months from the hormones. I was put into a chemical menopause.

Fast forward a bit, and I finally see a doctor that can figure me out. I have Chronic Diffuse Pain Disorder (like Fibromyalgia, only worse), having random nerve spasms in my legs (causing me to fall), the blackouts were my body's way of dealing with the pain. I also have Degenerative Disc Disease, Degenerative Joint Disease and a myriad of other issues (chronic vertigo being one). I also have a cyst on my lower spine.

Got a new gyne who found out I have PCOS. Now, estrogen is the WORST thing someone with this can take. So my gyne actually did a laparascopy on me, found cysts and drained them. So now I have the Mirena inserted, and I'm doing better that way.

Luckily, I've plateaued at 210lbs. I'd like to get down to 155lbs, but plan to make my goals small steps. First, I'd like to be at 200lbs. :)

My biggest issues I need to work on:

1) Not eating! This is sooooo bad if you're trying to lose weight. It slows your metabolism. I ALWAYS forget to eat. Grrrr.

2) Carbaholic. I love carbs--bread, cookies, cake, etc. I make them, I eat them, I love them.

3) Lack of exercise. Granted, I'm physically disabled, but I'm going to do the Exercise TV, and I've downloaded a lot of fitness vids, not to mention my Carmen Electra striptease DVDs and other exercise vids. I just have to be careful not to over do it. :)

Looking forward to this. :) Yippee!


Kris said...

Thanks so much for wanting to be a part of this! I have the same issues...I don't eat often...and when I do I CARBO-LOAD lol. It will be awesome to have you with us!! I'm Kris...and if you need anything I'm here for you! (I have the same set of Carmen Electra DVD's lol)...Let me (or Hyla) know if you need anything!!

Mr.Macabre said...

I hear you about the carbs...I love them too. I can do some damage to pastries and cookies!

Forgetting to eat is a concept that is foreign to my mind. I am an emotional eater and with the economy and everything, I've had an abundance of stress!

But I think that if I did Carmen Electra's striptease DVD's I would be guilty of murder, Mrs. Macabre would see me accidentally and die laughing.

Best of luck, losing weight is hard especially if it's medicinally induced.

Hyla said...

Hello! Welcome aboard! You will do great! And we are all here to help each other throughthe tough times!

mermaiden said...

When I first started to overcome my penchant for carbs, I switched to gluten-free breads, pastas and cookies. It does take some getting used to, but now I really like them and so do my kids. We eat brown rice pasta, and now even Betty Crocker has gluten-free mixes at the store.


The Frog Queen said...

Good luck my dear! Very inspriting. I hear you on the carb thing. Being a vegetarian, husband and I joke that we are actually "carbatarians" :)

Starting seeing a nutristionist last week. Hope to eat better and lose some of myself :D


Autumnforest said...

I feel for you. My doc diagnosed me with fibromyalgia years ago and gave me a script for an antidepressant. I had taken 6 months of one back in 1990 when life circumstances gave me panic attacks and I gained 35 pounds in six months. I wasn't willing to do that again, so I gave up the notion of medicating it and decided I was going to ignore it and move on. It was really hard because I wanted to lose weight I'd gained since going off the pill (yeah, the pill kept me way underweight). I started exercising in spite of the pain at every joint and got through the worst part to find out that with exercise I have almost no symptoms at all. If I take a day off, however, I feel horrible when I first get up and move around. Ouch! So, at least exercise isn't an issue. The eating thing I totally get. I have a tendency all my life to ignore hunger and not be in the mood for any foods at home, so I'd just starve and then eat sweets for energy. I still do it, but it's making it very hard to lose weight so I'm trying to make myself stop and eat something noncarb several times a day. It's very hard to get off the hummingbird feeding schedule, but I know it's the only way I'll lose the last of the weight. Keep it up. We're all in the same boat--nearly everyone has something to lose.

Courtney Mroch said...

Not eating has never been my problem. I envy you that! But sweets??? I'd be 50 lbs less easily if I didn't give in to my sweet tooth. (Or rather than 9 servings of that a day actually did the 9 of fruits and veggies as is recommended!)

As for your pain and other ailments... I can sympathize. I was in a chemically induced menopause earlier this year thanks to chemo. not fun. And I had a horrid pain in my left arm like what you described you suffer with. (Tender to the touch and all that.) Except I believe mine was related to my tumor. Once it shrunk (and I believed stop hitting whatever nerve it was hitting) I got better. But I still don't have normal feeling in my left hand.

I sure hope they can find something for you. And I sure wish you the best of luck getting to your goal. 155 is where I want to be too! (That was the only good chemo side down to 152. But once I got the appetite back...weight came right back!)

Emma said...

I was put on estrogen several years ago and went from 106 to 146 in a year. I'm very short (around 5 foot) so it's quite alot.

I have Fibromyalgia and some other issues including autoimmune. I am so sorry about the pain. I understand.

I have found gently bouncing on an exercise ball is a great workout for when one isn't too dizzy. I also do gentle pilates which has a noticeable effect immediately and I use a pilates band which helps. Good luck! I have lost five pounds so far doing my own thing!

newu2u said...

all the best to you....painful to read all that you have been through, yet truly a wonderful feeling to know that you have come a long way babe, and your doing well...all the best
carbs ummmmm-....oh , im trying to start a vegan way...and carbs , sort of does it for me...ummmmmm

Melanie said...

these podcasts are full of really smart information about how our relationship with food is a gateway to learning to know and love ourselves more and mindful eating and digestion and all kinds of wonderful tricks and treats!

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