Sep 15, 2009

Check out my new blog!

Head on over to MACKELLAR'S HAVEN to check it out. It's in the baby-stage of blogs, but eventually it will be all filled out.

I act as the "Minion" to Mav, the brains and brawn behind MacKellar's Haven, a custom clothing company. She can custom make anything from historically accurate garb, to corsets, to bondage pants and PVC dresses. Each item is made from patterns SHE drafts (not from store bought patterns), and custom sized to fit the person who orders it.

I have 3 pieces of hers--a black chemise, a black bodice, and a 1950s era style dress. All of which are beautiful and perfect!

So check the blog out, become a follower, and wait to see the craziness that shall ensue!


Bridgett said...

I love 1950's style clothing. This could be fun! Woot! :)


Aelwyn said...

Bridgett: Me too! I'm a huge pinup fan--so anything 20s-50s is my fave. :)

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