Sep 8, 2009

Full Moon and other astrological tidbits....

So, I posted this in reply to Rayden at RAYDEN'S RANTS

With all the weird astrology going around: Mercury in retrograde again, Uranus and Saturn in opposition (full opposition on the 15th), and the Full Moon at 13 degrees Pisces with Mercury square to Mars and Pluto. Our sensitivity is heightened, and we find ourselves withdrawing and becoming somewhat more self-focused.

Here's a good link: 13 DEGREES PICSCES

Personally, I was VITALIZED by the Full Moon this month. Weird.

So I thought I'd expand on this. I'm not much of an astrology expert, so I'm piecing it together from various websites, which, of course, I'll provide links to. :)

September begins with Mercury and Mars fighting and fighting. Most of us will be feeling somewhat tense, and there will be a higher probability of accidents on the freeways. Some of us may say a few things we regret, before Mercury turns retrograde on Labor Day, September 7th. (From PsychicBitch).

Tense? I've been high energy, my chronic pain seems to be in remission for a bit, and my libido (I know, I now...TMI) is back for the first time in a loooong time.

Friday, September 4th – Full Moon in Pisces

Virgo and Pisces may experience a breakthrough or a break up in a relationship. An affair could end for Scorpio.
Monday, September 7th – Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Communication in relationships will be out of whack for everyone during this Mercury retrograde phase but especially for Aries and Libra.
Friday, September 13th – Pluto Direct

The planet of control and sexual obsession turns direct. Love becomes powerful for Virgo and Cancer. (From: SexualAstrology).

My man is a Libra, so I'm guessing keeping communication flowing is a good plan for the next while.

The way I see it, there are three types of cowboys (and girls) in September: those still in the saddle; those falling off, but hanging onto the horn; and those sitting on the chaparral-covered ground, waiting for another horse to come by.

The main point for September: Each and every one of us wants to get back in the Saddle again as we travel the New Frontier.

Although September may not be the square dance we’d all hoped for, at least we are beginning to see the light at the end of the corral. This horoscope predicts what’s ahead for you, focusing on mastering the techniques of surviving and thriving under Old Western-type conditions. Each Zodiac Sign relates to an classic Western film, TV show, or real-life Western character. (From Factoidz).

Getting back in the saddle--darn straight! Getting back to school as of the 21st, and also getting more MUA jobs as I go.

To follow along with is their Sag forecast for September:

Sagittarius: Hopalong Cassidy. Hop along is the key term for you, Sag, as you maneuver, hop, skip and jump your way through this economy or a significant relationship. This late 1940-’50’s radio and TV western was popular, and so are you, thanks in large part to your large personality and generally upbeat approach to life. But like many other people this month, you are facing some thorny (cactus) issues that demand you side-step or quick-step to avoid lasting damage to your reputation. You best be prepared to think fast and move even faster if you want to progress in September. Think marketing - perhaps a new way (or a new image) to market yourself or your product(s). Hopalong’s really valuable, old metal lunch box might inspire you. Somebody thought that up and look what happened.

-Hop, Skip and Jump: Darn tootin'! I love my man, I love my school, I love the jobs I do!
-Side stepping: Again, darn tootin! I see this coming from some people in my life (or who used to be in my life), and there will be "damage control" issues coming up. Nothing I can't handle, though. I'm the Queen of Diplomancy!
-Marketing: Another darn tooin'! I'll be at Kiss My Tiara to put glittery lashes on women, gems on faces, and glittery face paint. I'm also getting a LOT more makeup jobs...and plan to market more (a website, more exposure, etc).

So far, September is looking pretty good for me. The negativity that Mercury retrograde could cause an issue in my relationship (with my TRULY Libra man), but we've gone through much worse. :)


Autumnforest said...

Thanks for the interesting astrology info.

Celia (Head Witch of the Hollow) said...

How do you find the time to do all that stuff...are you are real life super woman?
I need a rest just reading about all the things you do!

Anastasia said...

I loved this. Thanks for posting it and the links.

Rayden Darklighter said...

Thanks for all the info, this was so awesome!

I'm a Cancer, as you probably already know, so Mars being in my sign and "fighting" with Mercury as the site said, I don't know, maybe that's why I was BLAH.

Either way, great post, and thanks for your comment.

Aelwyn said...

Celia: Determination...and a love of makeup artistry. ;) It's SOOOOO not like working. It's like playing with makeup!

Rayden: Yikes! So yeah, that would be your "blahness". Well, as soon as they move along, you will be fine. :D

Coastal Sisters said...

I found you through Marzel and love the astrology info. I have just recently gotten interested in this. Wonderful info!

Great Blog!


Bridgett said...

I find astrology fascinating, but somewhat difficult to understand.

Nevertheless, the Sag horoscope certainly sounded right for me.

And oh libido? Through the freakin' roof! LOL


Aelwyn said...

LuLu: Thank you!

Boo: Yep, it IS hard to understand. That's why I like to read what others have discerned and piece it together in a way that makes sense to me. ;) As for the Libido...LOL!

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