Sep 11, 2009

Hedgewitch Hollow Feels Like Autumn!

Jut a wee note to let you all know that Hedgewitch Hollow now has a lovely autumn feel to it. :) The days here are finally getting cooler (again), and I've seen some leaves changing, so a new layout it is! :)

I won't be posting until at least Sunday. Today I'm road tripping with my friend, and tomorrow is Pagan Pride Day. So I'll definitely post about PPD on Sunday! :)


D.Suplicki said...

Oh, have a wonderful time! Take some photos - I don't just want to hear about it, I want to see how you celebrated! :D

Autumnforest said...

Please send double-digit weather my way--we're still in the 100s (crying profusely)! Have a good time.

Anonymous said...

Awesome layout! Can't wait to read the PPD post.:)


Anna said...

Have fun at PPD

Laura said...

We had a perfect fall day yesterday and now it is back up in the 80's! bleh..

have a great weekend...

michel said...

*kicks the first few crunchy leaves on the floor*

Have a great time, can't wait to read about it :)

Ben said...

I love your new layout.

Autumn is so special for me. Can't even put it into words: the memories, the ambient feelings, the energy, ye gods--I don't even know.

Bella Foxglove said...

Love the new look! Have a good time and be safe!

Nydia said...

It would be wonderful if we had a Pagan Pride Day here... *sigh* Love your layout. I want to change mine, but I'm afraid I'll lose all my widgets.

Have a great time!

Kisses form Nydia.

the wandering broom said...

hi there! i came here to your blog from youtube b/c i loved your videos. thanks for sharing so much of your information/tools with us. :-)

btw, do you still make those fairy wings? you mentioned that you make them in the 5 random facts but i can't see a link to a (etsy) store or anything...i just wanted to see more photos of those b/c the one you showed was so cool.

JC said...

Howdy neighbour! Guess how shocked I was to randomly stumble across your blog?!? I had no idea you were into all this stuff. Not really my cup of tea (unless you can somehow turn it into a contact sport), but I think you've done an awesome job with your blog!!

Hope our new puppy isn't driving you too crazy with his whining. We're crate training him and he usually has to get up to use the potty once a night! He's been great so far though, the only time he barks is when he needs to get out.

Aelwyn said...

Heya JC! :) How'd you stumble over my blog? LOL! I'm glad you like it. Took a LONG time to get it set up to my liking (CSS is NOT my strong suit).

We can't hear your new pup, so no problem!

The people in that unit before you were "crate training" their husky for over 12 hours a day, and the poor thing barked and whined, and the people on the other side complained because it got so bad (we're used to noise--the people on the other side of us like to have screaming matches at 4am, and throw stuff at each other which we can hear right through the bedroom wall...LOL!).

So yeah. I'm going to stalk your blog now. :)

Aelwyn said...

D.-I'll eventually get to uploading my photos!

Autumn: LOL! We haven't had much double digits here, either.

LJ: I'll get there eventually.

Anna: Thank you!

Laura: It's that time of year!

Michel: We have crunchy leaves too! :)

Ben: I totally get it. Fall is so magical. It's my favourite time of year.

Bella: Thanks! Had a GREAT time!

Nydia: Start one!!!!

Broom: Awwww...thanks! Hopefully I'll get to make some vids soon! As for wings, no--I don't make them anymore. Much too busy with school!

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