Sep 17, 2009

Hoodoo Mirror Box Spell to Reverse a Curse Back At Your Enemy

I absolutely love THE CONJURE BLOG. I am subscribed and read every new post religiously.

So when I saw the post Hoodoo Mirror Box Spell to Reverse a Curse Back At Your Enemy, it was like Serendipity!

On a long out of town drive with my hetero-lifemate, we were talking about how to magically stop someone from harming your reputation, talking about you, etc. My favourite way is to freeze them, and it seems to work every time *knock on wood*. But what if that doesn't work? I talked about a honey jar to sweeten their disposition towards you, a "leave me the fuck alone jar" to get them to leave you alone, hot footing, and then eventually mirror boxes. Now, the mirror boxes I've done are simple...a paper box from the dollar store lined with mirrors (NEVER seeing your reflection), with a photo or representation of the person in it. Seal it, bury it (in a graveyard is good, asking the Guardian of the graveyard to guard it and leaving an offering--if you can't get to a graveyard, somewhere away from your property).

But Conjure Blog's how-to is much more in depth, and specifically aimed at those throwing hexes at you. I thought I just HAD to share this with my readers. So go HERE, and read all about it.


Anonymous said...

He has some fabulous things on his blog, I subbed to him. I want some GTFO oil....wish I'd had some of that 4 1/2 months ago when my Mom was here.:) heh

mrsb said...

Oh, cool! Hoodoo is something I really want to learn more about, so thanks for sharing this blog!!

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Thanks for sharing this...I just went over there and now I follow.Thanks!

LOL @ LJ ;)

Aelwyn said...

LJ: I'll see what I can find for making GTFO oil. I'll post it in my blog. :)

mrsb: I practice Hoodoo (I'm a baby practitioner), and plan to blog more about it. I'm actually going to do a little chat about it at a Pagan meet thingie in Brantford on the 27th. :)

Squirrel: Yay! :)

Bridgett said...

This is definitely a 'duh' area for me, so I definitely want to check this blog out.

Thank you, as always.


Aelwyn said...

Boo: If you're really interested, there are some GREAT Yahoo groups that I'm subscribed to. :) I actually plan on doing a post on Hoodoo (since I practice it).

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