Sep 4, 2009

Queen of Cups Giveaway!

DOMESTIC WITCH is holding a giveaway in honour of her 100th follower! :)

Here's what she says:

The spirit of The Queen of Cups is a tenderhearted, spiritual and kind homemaker, like so many of you followers. The Queen of this giveaway will win a selection of my personal harvest:
# A sachet of dried chamomile for magical endeavors evolving money, love and purification.
# A sachet of dried lemon balm which comforts the heart and driveth away melancholy and sadness.
# Coal, associated with the North and Earth, and it can be used with any corresponding witchery in that arena. It rules in Winter, Samhain and Yule; at night and in the third quarter to Dark Moon phases. It represents wisdom, the Sage and Crone.
# A homemade lavender smudge stick to smoke negative forces away and attract positive forces, most especially love.

So head over to the GIVEAWAY POST to enter! And don't forget to check out the rest of Domestic Witch's blogs. :) She has hit over 300 blog entries in only 9 months!!!! Awesome, eh?


Magaly Guerrero said...

Unholy crap! Over 300 entries? That's a lot. I'm going to check her out again. I just read her post on the Harvest Moon, which wasn't a Harvest Moon after all... long story :(

Thanks for sharing luv

Magaly Guerrero said...

Um... I guess I was talking about The Domestic Witch and not the Domestic Witch, sooo confusing, but I'm checking the contest anyway because I like free stuff :)

Aelwyn said...

LOL...I know, it's all so confusing. LOL!

Bridgett said...

It is a great giveaway! I've already entered. :)


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