Sep 21, 2009

Something Fun....Karaoke!!!!

My friends from B-hole (as they call it) go to this dive bar that has Karaoke on Saturday nights. I saw some videos of one of my friends, and though "Hey, that could be fun!" I've only done Karaoke once, and sang "Touch Myself" by the Divinyls (and thoroughly embarrassed my man). I knew my man's Cousin would TOTALLY be up for it. So into the Polar Bear (Mav's van) we, Cousin, The Man and Mav, and off we went to B-hole!

Well, I can honestly say the place is a DIVE. Mav and I were hopped up on pixie sticks and caffeine, and The Man was drinking beer. I got to have one Jack and Coke (mmmmmmmm) since I can't drink on my meds (I can have one shot or one beer every month or so).

My friend Scott started the night off with his frightening rendition of "Touch Myself". It was a riot! Then it somehow ended up being "Russian Roulette Karaoke". Basically, we put in songs for each other.

This is the first song Mav had me do (I apologize for my HORRIBLE singing voice):

So here's Chris, my adorable little Chris--our wee friend from B-hole. We're a bunch of Pagans at the table (with me singing "Spirit in the Sky" and the table belting out "Gotta have a friend in Jesus!") wondering "WTF????".

Cousin has a Wii, and he brings it over often for The Man, Mav, Mav's Hubby, myself and him to play Rockband. I LOVE the song "Spirit in the Sky"'s so peppy....and I never really paid attention to the lyrics. As I was singing it on Rockband for the first time, I blurt out "Wow! This is a really religious song!" Which I will NEVER live down! The phrase worms it's way into everyday conversations.

Cousin sang a LOT. He's actually got quite a good voice. The Man sang "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam, I got Mav to sing some angsty chick-rock, Chris did some country music (I don't listen to new country so I have no idea what it was), and Scott sang a lot as well. My run was "Spirit in the Sky", "Last Train to Clarksville" by The Monkees (my choice), and "Hit Me Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears (Chris' choice)

So there's a fun bit for you to enjoy (or not, depending on how bad I sound...LOL). There are other videos out there, just want to get my friends to upload them to YouTube so I can share.

Oh--and Cousin brought down the house with "Twist and Shout" by the Beatles, with drunken folks dancing and singing along--and he sang it REALLY well (all that practice with Beatles' Rockband, I guess). We were dubbed "The Crazy Table" by the Karaoke host (I guess that was a good thing).

At the end of the night, The Man got up and sang (rather off key and drunkenly) "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel ("our song"). It was very sweet. He was drunk, and it was so cute.

Then we came home, and The Man and I ordered pizza at 3am, watched TV and went to bed. :)

A fun, fun, fun night!!!!

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Bridgett said...

Too funny! My husband would love you. He's a karaoke junky, but he has to be pretty trashed to sing. LOL

And yea, those lyrics and a pagan just don't go very well together, do they?

I wanna hear you sing the Brittany song! LOL

In Your Eyes...LOVE that song!

This was fun! :)


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