Sep 2, 2009

Web Crawling Wednesday

So today I will review a YouTube channel!!!!

CRAFTYWYTCH is the reason I started my videos on YouTube. Her videos were inspiring, as well as informative!

My favourites include her Be Gone Spell. It is a very basic form of banishing negativity.

Another favourite is her Oil Formulas. It is a simple text video, with soothing music in the background (not sure who the singer is). This is a vid to have your pen and paper out to copy her formulas and give them a try! :)

I hope this short review helps you find something new to watch on YouTube. :) Enjoy!


Bridgett said...

I'm always surprised by how many folks on blogger are also on youtube.

I'm there as well.


Off to check out craftywitch!



mrsb said...

You know, I'd never even considered looking on youtube for Craftyness. My bad!

Thanks for sharing! This opens up a whole new realm of finding things that help me avoid the laundry, lol!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Youtube! I wanted you to know that I've added your button.

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