Sep 16, 2009

Webcrawling Wednesday!

So I didn't do Webcrawling Wednesday last week, so I thought I do two sites this week. :)

First off is UNCLUTTERER. This awesome blog about how to unclutter your life covers everything from your kids' backback, to the entire house!

The blog includes sections such as Workspace of the Week, showcasing uncluttering readers' workspaces. The Closets section covers everyone from the newest cool uncluttering tool, to how to properly fold a towel. They even cover Hoarding (including a show on A&E about severe Hoarders), and also talk about various types of hoarders (animal hoarders, for example), and the dangers of hoarding (from psychological damage to children, to fire hazards).

This blog has it all. And I'm pouring over it like a fat kid on a smartie. Take a peek, you never know what you'll find to help keep your home just that TINY bit more organized.

The second site I'm going to look at is GOTHIC ROSE ANTIQUES.

This has been a favourite site for a few years for me to browse on. With categories like "Haunting Antique Decor" and "Mortuary", anyone with a love of anything goth, antique or the macabre would feel right at home. Not to mention the gently spooky music that plays in the background as you surf.

Be sure to check out their "About Us" page, where they talk about their goods, as well as the people who appear on their pages (scroll to the bottom of the page). Here is their small blurb about their shop:

Come take a stroll through our shop for macabre old statuary, menacing ironwork & haunting mortuary decor. Light your way through the darkness of a forsaken Victorian era parlor with bewitching chandeliers, candelabras, votive stands & antique sconces. Revamp your sinful boudoir with nocturnal period clothing; phantom opera cloaks, grotesque Estate jewelry, vintage masks, wicked old hat pins & fascinating mourning collectibles. To complete your visit, browse for old medical curiosities, anatomy charts, disturbing old undertaker/surgical tools, embalming fluid jars, bones, apothecary bottles & strange old books.

A touch of Transylvania to be found here.

So there you go! Enjoy your browsing, and happy Wednesday!


Bridgett said...

Sound great! Off to check them out....


Aelwyn said...

Bridgett: Glad you enjoyed! Hopefully you love them both as much as I do!

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