Oct 8, 2009

Ben & Jerry's Hallowe'en!

This is one place I LOOOOOVE to go every Hallowe'en....check it out and have fun!



Anonymous said...

Do they do a vegan one...?

Aelwyn...I LOVE the blog all black!
Are you going to keep it like this?

Might scare timid folk though he he!

Lyn said...

A link to Ben & Jerry's is such a teaser - I want some NOW! Fun website and I loved their list of flavours. OMG they only sell about 6 varieties over here in the UK. I would go ice cream crazy if I lived in the States!

I've added your button to my site too :-) www.witch-blog.com Thanks grabbing mine!

Julia said...

Goodness who could Love Ben and Jerry's! :)

Thanks so much for adding me to your scroll! You ARE an Apron Goddess. Bye for now.

magikalseasons said...

One of my favortie sites no matter what time of year!

annie kelleher said...

thanks for adding me!!

Sabrina@goddessaday.com said...

Hi Aelwyn! I accidentally lost your comment on my site--really have to figure out how I keep doing that, I click "approve" and sometimes they just disappear. Anyway, thanks for adding me to your button exchange, and I'll do the same with yours.
BTW, I live in Windsor. Hamilton is usually just a "passing through on the way to TO" but I'll wave the next time I'm through!

Bridgett said...

You've totally got me craving ice cream now! LOL

Thank goddess I have some Schwann's cinnamon ice cream in the fridge. :D


Hoi Sum said...

Merry Meet! Thanks for adding my blog button-I have added yours as well.
Hoi Sum

Alice Audrey said...

Wow, that just goes on and on.

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