Oct 7, 2009

Halloween Blog Party!

So, I'm a bit behind, but here are the "Hallowe'en" things I've done over the past week:

October 1st:
Watched May, a horror movie. The end of the movie is set on Hallowe'en night. :)

October 2nd:
Played Hunter: The Reckoning....not specifically Hallowe'en, but killing zombies is ALWAYS a tiny bit "Halloweenish".

October 3rd: Went out to see Zombieland!

October 4th: Watched the remake of Dawn of the Dead on Space. Still as good as I remember. When it was out in theatres I saw it about 4 times. :D

October 5th:
Played some more Hunter: The Reckoning, and also worked on a more Hallowe'enish layout for my blog (though I doubt it'll be done by Hallowe'en).

October 6th: Worked on my mask for my costume for the Masquerade at the Corktown Pub for the Hammertown Pagan Pub Moot, and also worked on the mask I'm making for a customer for his Hallowe'en costume as a Night Elf from WoW.

So that is it for NOW. :) Tomorrow I'm going to dye my hair (a new red just came out--so I'm giving it a go), get my nails filled (yep, I have acrylic nails...if I didn't, they'd just rip off and bleed all the time), and then post about WHO WON THE GIVEAWAY!

Sorry for being late, but the winner WILL get the package before Samhain!!! :)


Rue said...

Like the new layout! What a spooky pic of you in the side bar....eek!

I haven't watched any scary/Halloween movies yet - I have to get going on that!

Bridgett said...

It looks GREAT in here!

And I want to see pics of your new hair. :D

I used to get acrylic nails...loved them. Now I can't afford to. LOL

My nails suck too. Blah.

Big hugs!


Crafty's Cuppa Coffee said...

Hey There~

Congrats on the creepy spider hair flower! It'll look great in your hair!

Happy Halloween! Merry Samhain!


Oh...and I like the new blog. Such beautifull work your friend does!

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