Oct 17, 2009

October 17th Haunted Blog Tour!

Hello all! Nice to see you journeying from Mrs. B's home on the interwebs to come visit my wee abode over here at Hedgewitch Hollow.

I've been TERRIBLE at keeping up on posts lately. Too much going on. Between school, working makeup jobs, dealing with a broken toe, working on items to go into my friend's store, and trying to get my Hallowe'en costume all together, it's been hectic around here!

I guess I can tell you a bit about me.

I'm 29, disabled, a red head, and plus sized babe. :) I love to Craft and craft, read, write, do makeup, go to school, play on the Wii (which we JUST got), hang with my family and friends, and play with our cats (Rackham and LaVeau).

Currently I'm going to the local college for Makeup Artistry and Applied Cosmetics. I work freelance on occasion as a makeup artist--mostly for special occasions and Hallowe'en.

Religiously, I am a Hellenic Hard Polytheist (meaning I believe each God is Their own separate entity, and I worship the Greek Pantheon), and a Hekatine Witch (a Witch who honours Hekate). I also worship Pan. I have an interest in all types of Traditional Craft (from Pellars, to Cunningfolk, to Cornish Witchcraft, British Traditional Witchcraft, and much more). I also practice Hoodoo. Yep, I'm quite the Pagan Mutt. :)

I live with my man and our two cats, and often hang out with his cousin (and now his girlfriend, who is ULTRA COOL!), my "hetero life mate" and her husband. I also have a few other really close friends, and talk to my twin sister at least every day on the phone (she works a lot, so we don't get to hang out much).

Some of my favourites:
Colour: Black, red and leopard print
Food: Red meat. Yum yum! A good steak never goes unappreciated around here.
TV Show: Supernatural and True Blood.
Movie: Too many to choose from.
Holy Day: Halloween, Hekate's Feast, Nemoralia, Christmas Eve
Author: Andrew M. Greeley
Makeup line: TKB Trading and Coastal Scents
Season: Autumn
Drink: Tea
Dessert: Anything pumpkin or chocolate.
Video Game: Hunter: The Reckoning is my current fave, followed closely by Soulcaliber

I guess that's it. I don't want to bore you. So off you go--don't forget to read the guest blogger and sign up for the giveaways!!!!


mrsb said...

Thanks for having us over for a visit!

For those participating in the 31 Days of Halloween, take one extra entry to any giveaway today (after the requirements are done) by posting the name of this blog to one entry.

Wendy Hawksley said...

Coming over from Mrs. B's! Halloween is my favorite day too. Autumn is definitely the most wonderful time of the year!

Thanks for hosting us today. :)

Diane said...

loved this post and learning more about you!

Walk in the Woods said...

Nice to know you!

Nydia said...

Loved to get yuou know more! YOu didn't bore us at all! Lovely post.

Kisses from Nydia.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

thanks for letting us get to know you... a bit more... like nydia said.. you did not bore us at all...

Angela said...

MM! Very nice to meet you! And thanks for being a part of Mrs B's 31 Days of Halloween!

Angela said...

Oh just wanted to mention, I added your button to my blog!

Stitchinwitch said...

Great blog. I think I'll follow you :)

Mejis said...

I love Supernatural and True Blood, too. You sound like a very interesting person.

ELLIE said...

stopping by to say hi from mrs B's blog

Vixen said...

Arrived via Mrs. B and it is very nice to meet you.

Sabrina@goddessaday.com said...

Hi Aelwyn, thanks for hosting us today. Great intro (from a fellow redhead and plus-sized babe)!

stacy said...

Hello! I am also interested in a lot of the things you mentioned - BTW, cunningfolk, hedgeriding, hoodoo, and I've also been drawn to Hekate and Pan. :)


mermaiden said...

what a fun look into your head :D
pumpkin and chocolate- oh YEAH!

Divaeva said...

*hugs* & MErry Meet!

Bridgett said...

Great knowing all this! :D

sailorsheart said...

I'm visiting fro Mrs. B's and wanted to say hi!

Sounds like we have a bit in common... like our taste in food lol

Anastasia said...

I like your blog and thanks for sharing a little about yourself.

Crafty's Cuppa Coffee said...

Hi Aelwyn (sp? by memory*?!#*)

Always glad to read your posts! and happy to 'get to know u better'. He he. So sorry to hear about your broken toe! I guess we r crippled companions right now because I have myself a broken knee! (with the lovely full length, toe to thigh sexy cast that accompanies such a talented feat as breaking ur knee!) Ahem.

Anyways Love...have yourself a Spooktacular Halloween Season! and stay well.

~Danae <(:o) aka 'Crafty'

Crafty's Cuppa Coffee said...

Oh...and I'm grabbing your button to put up on Crafty's Cup. (I guess I'm gonna have to get me a button made- since I don't know how to do it meself!)

And thanks 4 the great Halloween Tutorial Site you turned us on to in your last post. I'm new to the web, as of this year, and still catching up on all of it's hidden goodies. Always happy for the point in the wicked direction!


Aelwyn said...

Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for your kind comments! May the blessings of this season rest upon you all!

Rue said...

From one Pagan mutt to another - woof! LOL! Glad you are on the 'tour' - I've been enjoying your blog for while now!


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