Oct 17, 2009

October Blog Party Part 2

October 7th: Well, I wrote about the October Blog Party, of course! And then I posted about Ben and Jerry's Hallowe'en site (which I explored thoroughly that day).

October 8th: Well, I participated in Mrs. B's Hallowe'en Giveaways. :) (haha! scapegoat!). I also watched Supernatural--now THAT'S creepy!

October 9th: Hung out with the girls and made masks. Watched Ghost Whisperer, which is about all things Ghostly--so I'd say that's pretty Hallowe'en-ish.

October 10th: Went Antiquing! Drooled over vintage Hallowe'en decorations, which are WAAAAAY out of my price range!

October 11th: Rest and relaxation day for the man and I! :) Discussed Hallowe'en costumes for the 3 costume related things we're doing this year!

October 12th: It was Thanksgiving here in Canada. I'd say squash and pumpkin pie are VERY Hallowe'en-ie!

October 13th: Watched Ghost Hunters on YouTube in the middle of the night because I couldn't sleep. Very spooky!!!!

October 14th: Watched "The Skeleton Key" with Mav. Hoodoo fun! Eastwick!!!! Witches and devils and ghost oh my!!!! Very Hallowe'en fun time!

October 15th: Worked on my mask for the Hammertown Pagan Pub Moot's Hallowe'en Moot some more. Watched Supernatural! Demony goodness!

October 16th: Went to Dollarama and Party Packagers and ravaged Hallowe'en goodness! :) Got a feather boa for my "Tacky Witch Costume". Woot!

October 17th: Realized the dress I planned to wear for my "Tacky Witch Costume" was one I packed up and got rid of it. *sigh* So we went to Kelly's Kandles' Pre-Holiday open house, then ran about looking for a dress or skirt for my costume but couldn't find ANYTHING. So I'll just recycle something I already have. LOL!

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Bridgett said...

Sounds like you're doing pretty darn good! :D


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