Dec 21, 2009

Happy Birfday to Me (and my sister)...

Yep, we're Yule babies (kinda). We had the extended birthday of a lifetime, I think.

November 27th: Went to see Blackie Jackett Jr. in Burlington
December 17th: Went to meet and see Three Days Grace (Default opened for them, so we got their autographs, too).
December 19th: Went to Westfield Heritage Village (in Copetown) for 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (It was sooooooo fun---but my camera crapped out that night, so I couldn't take any pics).
December 20th: Birthday lunch/dinner at my parents' house. Our Mum bought us Yule gifts (heehee...we're breaking them down...they're not overly religious, but my parents' are getting more and more in the spirit of Pagandom).

Somewhere in the middle there, I sprained my ankle, and have to someday get an xray (likely AFTER the New Year, 'cause Gods know most places close early this time of year). I got to go to Westfield (an outdoor village replication of Edwardian to Victorian living in Canada) in a wheelchair...LOL! My BFF had a little TOO much fun pushing me around. ;)

So the rest of this week is getting the house ready for the Holiday Open House, do some baking, and make my dad a hand made scarf (on my Knifty Knitter). :)

Oh--and tomorrow I get to see if the warranty on my camera is still good, and hope that if it is, they can send me a new one ASAP!


Lyon said...

All of that sounds awesome! That's one heck of a good extended birthday indeed.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you both!
Sounds like a riot!

The Frog Queen said...

Well, happy birthday to both of you. Sounds like lots of fun.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Aelwyn said...

Thanks guys!

And yep, one heck of a birthday! :) Considering my birthdays usually suck, 'cause I always had suck ass friend.

My best friends all froze their asses off for me to go to Westfield, and pushed me around in a wheelchair, I'd say they are TRUE friends. :) I'm a very lucky woman. :)

Rue said...

Wow - what a great ongoing celebration! Well...except the part where you hurt your ankle! Hope it heals well and soon!

Nifty that your parents got you Yule gifts!

Yule Blessings!

Bridgett said...

I love that you're converting your folks! LOL

Sounds like a WONDERFUL birthday week.

Happy belated!


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