Dec 14, 2009

Musical Monday! A little heavier than usual....

Been a while since I did a post on Music Monday! So, here we go!

My sister discovered the world of Twitter, and that having a Blackberry (which she needs for work) that she can access it ALL THE TIME. So what did she use this ultimate power for? Winning awesome stuff, of course!

First she won a Finger Eleven prize pack. For those of you who don't know, I'm a big Finger Eleven fan, and my sister is a TOTAL goober for F11 (and Blackie Jackett Jr., a side project of two of the F11 guys).

THEN she won tickets to THREE DAYS GRACE! So we're going to the concert on Thursday the 17th, and we get to do a "meet the band during sound check" thing. Cool, eh? Even though we'll likely be 15 years older than their average fan...LOL! I've always been a "casual fan" of their music, but finding out about going to the concert and meeting them, I looked into their history (so I'm not a total goober when I meet them).

I discovered that the lead singer, Adam Gontier, is a recovering addict to oxycontin. A lot of the songs on their second most recent album (the one most people would recognize, "One-X") were written while he was in rehab in CAMH in Toronto, Ontario.

So after finding that out, I watched "Behind The Pain"** on YouTube, which was a look at his addiction and recovery.

I have a new found respect for their music, as a recovering alcoholic (specifically, a binge drinker), and a recovering cutter (I did it from the age of about 9 or 10 until I was 17...I hid it, unlike the Emo Kids of these days who think it's "cool", and at stressful times have a hard time not relapsing--it's actually harder to control than the alcohol).

I remember when I first got sick, when I was going through leaving alcohol completely behind in favour of meds to make me feel better. Of getting used to living as a person with multiple medical problems, and hearing the song "Pain" from the albume "One-X" by Three Days Grace. It spoke to me, about the physical pain I was in, the emotional pain, the pain and strain in my relationship (which, I have to say, is now stronger than ever), the pain of being bipolar for so many years and not being properly diagnosed. So here is the video for that, for Musical Monday:

And here is their newest video, "Break" from the album "Life Starts Now":

(** "Behind the Pain" Part Two, Part Three & Part Four)

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Marites said...

interesting songs. You're brave to face your pains. happy MM!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I am totally jealous of you and your sister... getting to go see Three Days Grace and participate in the sound check just no fair... I would jump at the chance for that regardless of my age... Im a Muse fan myself... and tell you would not think twice about winning a contest to meet the boys.... May be old but inside I am still as young as ever...esp. when it comes to music.. you two have a good time.... enjoy.... and yea.. finger 11 is awesome to...

Anonymous said...

I love Three Days Grace!

Bridgett said...

Have fun tonight!!


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