Jun 9, 2010

Astral Projection

I just found a cool Mp3 series of lessons on Astral Projection. I'm going to be listening to them, and then writing a review about it! I won't post the link just yet, because I don't want people downloading a load of stuff that sucks. ;)

So I'll be doing that shortly (hopefully before I go into the hospital next Thursday). :D


Sea Witch said...

OMG, dear witch. I just read your engagement post and now I'm blubbering. But these are happy tears. There is nothing better then love spread around and certainly the love of a good man. Adore your ring. I'm a may child so anything with emeralds always floats my boat.

Thank you for your sweet comments about my blog and taking my button. I adore Waterhouse and his artwork is so powerful.

Sending you blessings for your wedding and strength and quick healing for our visit to the hospital. Sea Witch

Rue said...

Anxiously awaiting your reviews - I've been pondering this subject lately!

willow said...

oh astral projection how I struggle with you! I get that comfortable and then...promptly fall asleep! hoping they may have some tips for the sleepy witch!

MarZel said...

Congrats!! How exciting and wonderful!!

I stopped by because I have not been here in a while and wanted to say hi.

I am having a tea at my blog and would love if you came over and signed up for some of my giveaways...one being a $50 Visa!!


Aelwyn said...

*hugs* to you all! I've been off sick for a week (lovely catching a virus after surgery---ick!). Hope to check out those MP3s ASAP after the long weekend!

Sacred Herbals said...

Great cant wait to hear the reviews! Thank you sharing.

Blessings )O(

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