Oct 22, 2010

The Ancestor's Ball, thanks to The Deepest Well

Aine from THE DEEPEST WELL has this fantastic idea, for an Ancestors Ball Blog party!  
Here is what SHE wrote on HER BLOG:

*    *    *

Last night I was thinking about the ancestors as we Witches tend to do around this time of year. I have been re-reading a part of one of my favorite books "The Faery Teachings", by Orion Foxwood where there is a wealth of information on working with the ancestors.  He categorizes the ancestors this way
  • ancestors of the blood - those who are part of our current bloodline
  • ancestors of the order - those  who have been part of our spiritual beliefs who are now disincarnate.
  • ancestors of the races -  ancestors connected to other lives
  • ancestors of the anointing - A stream of spiritual powers that were once embodied humans but have never been connected to you at any time or in any life.  They are mentors to humanity (you do not choose to work with these ancestors, they choose you.)
I also read the section in this book on ancestral altars.  I always created this type of altar at Samhain, but I don't keep one going all year long.  After reading and thinking about the ancestors, I have decided to purposely work more closely with them, and will keep the altar going long after the Sabbat is over.

But who are our ancestors?  Sure, I know my blood ancestors, some of them, anyway.   But I never considered working with the others before.  I decided there would be no better time to branch out from the family tree to include the ancestors of the order or those of other lives.

And in the spirit of this season of Samhain I have decided to honor the ancestors by hosting a Blog Party dedicated to the ancestors "The Ancestors Ball" will be held All Hallows Weekend , starting Saturday, October 30th and ending Tuesday, November 3.  So that gives you time both to participate and enjoy what others have to share! 

Here's all you have to do. 

  1. Let me know if you're interested in participating by leaving a comment on this post.  
  2. Create your Ancestors Ball blog entry in time for the party by midnight on Friday, October 29th.  
  3. Don't forget to come back to this post and leave the link to your blog entry in the comment section again!   I will post your link with the links of all others who participate.
  4. Come to the Party! Anyone visiting this blog during Ancestral Ball Weekend will be able to dance on over to your blog and enjoy your contribution!

You can also grab this to put on your blog
and add this link to the pic

But what should you bring to the ball?

Well, first yourself in all your finery! And perhaps you would like to come incognito - wearing a mask perhaps? Or dress up as an ancestor?

Then you can bring along (blog about) anything with an ancestral theme  - such as  stories of your ancestors, old family recipes, how you work with the ancestors and/or honor them on Samhain, pictures of your ancestors, pictures or descriptions of your ancestral altars, etc.  Ancestors can be those in your current bloodline, or those that fit into the other descriptions above.

Remember, the Ancestors Ball is All Hallow's  weekend, October 30 through November 2!  Hope to see you there! 

*    *    *

I'll definitely be there, will you???? 


mxtodis123 said...

Thanks for the info. I've had that book around for the longest and have never gotten to reading it. Now, after reading what you say about it, I'll be picking it up tonight.

Aelwyn said...

It was actually the wonderful Aine from http://deepestwell.blogspot.com/, where the blog party has started, who said it. :)

MarZel said...

OMG...what a wonderous idea!! Great timing for me...to be able to visit you with such a wonderful post. I would love to participate!!! Please stop by my blog to enter the Visa Gift Card Giveaway!!

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