Oct 20, 2010

Did You Wear Purple Today?

Today is Spirit Day, a day to wear purple in honour of those who committed suicide due to bullying based on their gender identity and sexuality, and to prevent the same thing from happening again!

Check out this GREAT VIDEO about the YOU ARE LOVED project, as well as SPIRIT DAY.  And don't forget to check out THE TREVOR PROJECT..  There are videos of inspiration on there, as well as personal hardships and tragedies.

Check out Dr. E's ritual at THE CONJURE BLOG, to help stop the hate.  I think everyone comitting to this ritual would bring about a change in the world.

So get out there, don purple, and say "HELL NO" to bullying, any bullying, that can bring children to their graves by their own hands!


mxtodis123 said...

Ah, yes, I did have some purple on.
There are far too many who have been driven to take their lives due to another's cruelty. This couple who videotaped that young boy and put it on the net driving him to suicide, well they should really do some jail time for such a horrible act.

mxtodis123 said...

Yes, I did. There is too much bullying regarding gender going on. It's time for it to stop before more of our young people cut their lives short.

Jennifer said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting and following my blog.

I think the bullying of any kids seen as "different" in school is terrible. It makes me so sad to think about what the kids who committed suicide could have been, who knows what great things they would have done in their lives. Nobody will ever know. I think many, if not most school bullies are learning intolerant behavior from home. Their parents obviously are not teaching them to be tolerant and kind to others anyway. It might start with the parents but it should end with the teachers and principles who should be the ones putting a stop to it. I know they can not catch all bullying but when they do catch it so often they are not doing enough to stop it. A sad situation for sure!

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