Oct 26, 2010

Friend Making Monday-Holiday Traditions

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Today’s topic is:
What are your holiday traditions?
What holidays traditions did you have as a child? Did your family do anything specific or special during the holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter – any holiday!)? What traditions would you like to implement with your own family or your future family?


When my maternal grandparents were alive, and lived in Vineland, we would go to their house for Hallowe'en.  My sister and I would dress up, we would all go out for dinner, and then we would go trick or treating.  My grandparents would give out treats.

My mum used to like wearing the "creepy old man" costume, and scaring little kids.  Before Hallowe'en came, my sister and I made pumpkin-head men to sit on the front porch.  One year, we even rigged a ghost that would run from the porch to the walnut tree on a cord.  It even scared the adults! 


As we got older, my parents gave up on Thanksgiving.  Cooking for hours, shoving everyone (including significant others) at a table too small--so now we go to a fall fair!  We have hot dogs, kettle corn and hot cider rather than turkey and all the fixin's.  It's way more fun, and a good way to end a weekend of being over-turkeyed.

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