Oct 12, 2010

Giveaway by Whimsical Cottage!

Mrs. B does it again, over at CONFESSIONS OF A PAGAN SOCCER MOM!

This giveaway is from WHIMSICAL COTTAGE!

This is "Goblin in Thought".  I LOVE goblins, don't you?  They're cute, in the ugly-must-be-cute kind of way! :)  And I LOVE his skull!

Here is a bit of writing from  Danni Suplicki, the artist:

When Autumn starts to lurk at the edges of summer, my mind often wanders to thoughts of wee beasties and goblins. This handsome green fellow was born of those thoughts. 
He's taking a break from mischief making to think. But what does he ponder?
So get on over there, and sign up for this super awesome giveaway, or head to WHIMSICAL COTTAGE, and buy something!  You can even even follow the WHIMSICAL COTTAGE BLOG.


Aine O'Brien said...

Hi!! Just wanted you to know that I have passed three blog awards onto you!


Aelwyn said...

Thank you SOOOOO MUCH! I will pass this along tomorrow!

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