Oct 21, 2010

Look up!

Okay, actually look just between the header and the Hedgewitch poem.  There are special pages there for you to click on.

I plan to add a small Grimoire of recipes and workings, information on crystals, and information on spell ingredients.  So keep looking for new posts there! :)

I'm loving Blogger more and more, with all the options it carries.  So keep an eye out for more from me!  My writing bug (or Muse, as She likes to be known) is back, and She is nudging me to keep writing.  Enjoy watching the process, and keep the comments a-coming!


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Hello Aelwyn! Thank you for visiting my blog! Many goat kisses to you and Blessed Be!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

love the look of your blog so festive... if only I were that talented...

Jennifer said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your really kind comments you left on my blog. Of course I don't mind that you made a button for my blog. Thank you and I love it! I put a link to your blog on mine as well.

I really like the design of your blog, I am thinking I might have to try a 3 column blog template, I seem to be running out of room on the sidebar of my blog and yours just looks so much neater. Of course the really great header and graphics on yours really makes it look nice too!

Hoi Sum said...

I have given you a blog award because I love your blog so much! Check it out at http://chritch.blogspot.com/


Aelwyn said...

Isobelle: THANK YOU!

Mother Moon: Actually, my blog layout is from http://silversdesigns.blogspot.com/. She is SOOOO talented, and any design I use is from her! :)

Jennifer: Thank you! Check out http://silversdesigns.blogspot.com/. She has many 3 column templates, and they're really easy to add. :)

Bex: Thanks SO MUCH! :)

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