Oct 25, 2010

Monday Mamba Week 1!

So talk about a busy weekend! 

Friday I felt icky, I just laid at home and watched TV while drinking Rooibus tea.  The Man went to his cousin's to play games...he was beaten by his cousin's fiancee at Monopoly.  *snicker*

I spent the evening watching wedding porn, and then SUPERNATURAL!  Oh my goodness, what a good episode!

 (Spoiler, highlight to see: What is wrong with Sam????  I think he's a little off his rocker!)

I stayed up late (until 3am) watching THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR.  The premise was good, but the end sucked.  It's all about creating a virtual world, and then there's One World that can go into other worlds, and the lead is a guy in the One World who thought he murdered his boss, and then all goes wacky!  I won't spoil it for anyone...check it out if you like weird sci-fi murder mysteries (as I said, it was good, but the end kinda sucked).

Saturday, The Man let me sleep in.  He went to play MAGIC: THE GATHERING at a local Comic shop, but it was canceled because there was some big tournament in Toronto.  So we went to Mr. Used (sorry, no web page for them, but if you're interested, they're on Barton Street, in Hamilton).

This place is HUGE.  I was going to take my camera to take photos of some of the wacky things they have, but I forgot it.  :(  So I can just tell you: giant statue of Caesar, a huge stand up of the Last Supper with cutouts of the heads of the Disciples so you can get your picture taken, the Red Green Show set, toilets, building materials, light fixtures galore, chairs, etc.  Anyhow, we look around but never buy anything--they want a LOT for stuff that isn't worth much.

We asked about a computer chair (used of course, and would need a good cleaning from a Bissel Little Green Machine), and they wanted $45!  I'll take the extra $10 and buy a new one at Walmart!  We also asked about a beautiful cradle (which needs a lot of work, as there are gouges, so sanding and re-staining, it needed a new bottom in it, etc), and they wanted $125!!!

So off we went, with no purchases.

That night we went to a Stag and Doe.   I dressed nice, then found out when we went, that it was costumed!  *sigh*  Cousin's Fiancee forgot to tell us that part!

At one point, I was standing with The Fiancee and her mom, and this woman came up to me and said "What's the character's first name?"  I said "I'm sorry?"  And she said "The character you're dressed up as...Garcia from CRIMINAL MINDS."  So I told her "Penelope."  And she said "Great job, you look exactly like her!"

Bwahahahaha!  I wasn't even in my "Garcia wear", but voila!

On Sunday we went to:

BFF and her husband met us at one in Flamborough.  Wow, did that one have great stuff!  Wait until you see the cool stuff I post on THRIFTY PAGAN THURSDAY .  We also went to the Burlington one, and they had very little--but they DID have an awesome furniture sale out back.  The BFF got a small computer table for $7.99!

I also told my BFF that I didn't want to go to the HAMMERTOWN PAGAN PUB MOOT.   I knew she didn't want to go, nor The Man, and I hadn't finished my costume for this year (I was planning on being Medusa).  So she says "Well, I'll go if you go!", and then my man decided to go, too.

I didn't have a costume!  I didn't want to wear wings (such a pain in the butt), nor my corset (acid reflux + corset = disaster). 

So I thought back to the night before and said "AHA!  I'll be Penelope Garcia." (For those of you who don't know her, here is a page dedicated to her: KIRSTEN VANGSNESS GALLERY).

We went to Dollarama, and I got some ponytail holders with bright pink stars on them, some coloured hair that you clip in, a purse that is very Garcia-ish, and a pair of super cool leg warmers that are black with purple, yellow, and pink stripes.  The only thing I needed was a headset--or more correctly, an earset which she wears during the show CRIMINAL MINDS, in order to talk to the Team she works with from her computer office.

So, I went home, quickly dyed my hair (I had 2 inch roots---ick!), put it in "messy buns" leaving some pieces free and adding the pink and green faux hair.  Put the pink stars on the messy buns, did my makeup with bright eyeshadow (green and pink), and bright pink lipstick with glitter (yes, that's actually lipstick I own and wear regularly...LOL).

Upstairs, I ransacked for my Garcia inspired clothing--and stood there staring at it all on the bed trying to determine what would be best, and I ended up with this:

The "skirt" is actually a dress, and the top is a short sleeved cardigan.  I threw my black blazer over it and used my hairclip/broach on the lapel.  The earrings are mine, the fishnet stockings are mine, and the necklaces are mine.  I bought the purse, bracelets and legwarmers (oh, and the earpiece).  But, of course, I'll wear those again (they're too cute!).

My BFF came over, and I did her makeup quickly to be a creepy chinadoll/ragdoll:

My man wore a suit with red shirt,  and wore a skull mask, and carried War and Peace.  He was the Red Horseman, or War.  Pretty quick and simple.  :) (No pics of him, though, darnit!).

Anyhow, halfway through the evening, my BFF and I are told to not leave by one of the HPPM's organizers.  Okie dokie.  

So apparently there was a costume contest at this Moot........and I won first place!  It was judged by the staff of the CORKTOWN , and apparently I won because I looked exactly like Penelope Garcia.  Pretty cool, eh?

AND BFF placed third!  And might I say, her outfit was something she already had in the closet?  The only thing she didn't have were the ultra cute pink bows with skulls (those are mine...aherm...so I have eclectic fashion choices).

The second placed winners were Tameika and Fox, and they were a really cool Baron Samedhi and Mama Brijit (I think they should have gotten first!).

Anyhow, we all won Mead from ROSEWOOD ESTATES, and I also won a $150 gift of some sort from the WHITE FLAME COMPANY.

Pretty exciting, isn't it?  I've NEVER won a costume contest before!!!


Emme Toaye said...

Way cute Mamba banner, lovin' it and can't wait to see whats up for your Monday Mamba. In the mean time Happy Halloween Holiday.

Melodie said...

I love the Garcia outfit! You got the look perfect!

Aelwyn said...

Emme: Thanks so much!

Melodie: Thank you! :) It's one of my favourite shows and I LOVE Kirsten Vangsness and her character.

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