Nov 24, 2010

Deity a Day: Day 2


 Ament (Amenti)

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Goddess of the land of the west.

A native of Libya, Ament became goddess of the Underworld; for the west was another way of saying death.  It is an idea still current in our phrase "gone west".  She is depicted as an attractive young princess seated beside Ra-Harakhty.  Her emblems are the hawk and feather.  The feather means "Libya" and therefore "west".  Ament lived in a tree near the World Gates and offered approaching souls refreshment of bread and water.  Whoever accepted this hospitality became an associate of the gods and was obliged to follow them, never to return.  Ament is occasionally replaced in this task by other goddesses: Nut, Hathor, Neith, Maat.

From: A Guide to the Gods, compiled by Richard Carlyon


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