Nov 26, 2010

Deity a Day: Day 4

Tsuki-Yoma (aka Tsukuyomi-no-kami)

Her Temple in Kyoto. From: Wikipedia

 Tsuki-Yomi was born from Izanagi's right eye.  His name "Moon Counter" shows his connection with the calendar and with the measurement of time.  His main temples are at Ise and Kadono where a mirror is kept in which the god may sometimes be seen by those practising divination.  The moon disc is depicted with a hare pounding rice in a mortar.  In Japanese, "rice pounding" forms a pun with the word "moon", and the hare seems to be a legacy from China where a rabbit is often shown in the moon.

From: A Guide to the Gods, compiled by Richard Carlyon

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Sharon said...

Fairly strange, story for the gullible, LOL!

Beautiful little temple!

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