Nov 25, 2010

Kitchen Rearranging

The Hollow's kitchen has needed rearranging for a loooong time.  I was sick of having appliances on the counter, no extra counter space (which was what the butcher top dishwasher was supposed to provide-but it ended up holding the bags that hold recycling), the shelves being "willy nilly" on the walls to hold my knickknacks, the urge to actually hang my wind chimes, etc.

So, on Tuesday I began my journey.  I started cleaning the kitchen as it was.  Then I took down all the shelves and knickknacks and put them on the dining room table (ack!  I hate when the dining room table is covered in stuff).   I also rearranged the portable cupboard, floor shelves and the dishwasher.  Then I was pooped out!

I felt rather weak since the weekend, as I've been having *ahem* digestive issues.  I can't keep anything in my body (I actually yelled at my stomach on Tuesday after having only consumed toast and a cup of tea to take my meds, and it started gurgling.  If anyone was around, it would have been strange to hear a woman yelling at her stomach "I JUST ate!  You CANNOT digest that quickly!"  I digress....), so I'm shaky.

Putting up the new shelf I posted about buying this MONDAY was proving to be a challenge,  Not only is it heavy, it's rather unwieldy for one person to put up on their own.  So I waited until yesterday (Wednesday), when Bestie was coming over (she's the muscle).

We got the shelf up, so today I started putting items on it.  I'm quite pleased, especially since it holds a majority of my knickknacks, has pegs to hang my new reproduction witch head and jack-o-lantern vintage ornaments, and is extremely sturdy on the wall.

Now I need to put up the shelf over the door (I took it down, but I think it's going back up there), and another smaller shelf with a mirror over the dishwasher (It has a little cupboard, so I can keep herbs in there).

When I first went in to take some photos I found LaVeau was trying to help out:

I picked up and moved the chair, and she was rather confused....
 Looking both ways to find she was in the doorway next to the shoe rack.
Here is the first shot.  This is (if you're facing the doorway LaVeau was in) to the right.  
I moved the cupboard there, and put the microwave on top.
The microwave used to be on the counter, and I'm liking this much better.

These are the shelves in the corner beside the cupboard.  
We live in a rental, and the kitchen is awkward, with weird cupboards, so these are a necessity. 
They corner ones look kind of awkward behind the cupboard,
but there's not much that can be done about that, unfortunately.
I love that my phone unit can sit on the top of the shelves,
rather than hang awkwardly on the wall now, though!

 See where the red circle is?  Those are reusable shopping bags that we use for recycling
(one for paper, the other for plastic and glass).  
I think they look awful...any ideas on what else we can use?  Or even make?
It's a tiny area (not even 8 1/2" across), but unlimited height.  Maybe build bins?
This is the dishwasher...isn't that a lovely butcher block top?
It sits beside the OTHER doorway, that leads to the dining/living room.
(Excuse the mess...I'm still dusting items, and using the nails and hammer).
It's an arm's length away from the actual counter--extra counter space!

Here's the shelf holding my lovely witch/Hallowe'en items!
I've been collecting for about 7 years now (mostly signs, which you'll see when the kitchen is done).
See the hanging heads?  I won those from the COSTUME CONTEST
(in a basket of other lovely vintagey Hallowe'en stuff from WHITE FLAME CANDLE COMPANY).

Here's a close up of two of my favourite shelves.
I collect old Mason Jars and jars in general, and also LOVE vintage and antique kitchen wear.
I decided to use a few of the jars for decor, and displayed my vintage colander, too
(the grater isn't vintage, but I'm looking for one in good condition!).

That's it for now!  I'll have a 360 degree view of the kitchen once I'm done.  It'll take a while, to get everything done that I want.  I'm also looking for a place to properly display my vintage pots, but they will likely just get hung on the Ikea pot hanging rack on the wall (which I might paint black).  Next out the "tea pot cupboard".  


TheBlakkDuchess said...

I've been having the urge to re-organize my kitchen too... In fact, that's what I'm hoping to do today while my turkey cooks. ^-^

I think your kitchen looks lovely & I absolutely adore your shelf with the ornaments! It's awesome.

Sharon said...

My kitchen was redesigned last year, it "looks" good, but seems I have less space than I had before! The base cabinets lack a shelf and the upper cabinets are too high. I like your witchie shelf - I think I will look for something like that for the one wall area I have.
Cleaning can be catchy - I really need to clean out the pantry, lots of stuff in there I never use anymore. I just keep hoping to try to make soap again and I would need those things...
Have a good evening!

Aelwyn said...

Duchess: Thank you! :) Wait 'til you see the rest of it. :)

Sharon: I've noticed that in redone kitchens there is little counter space and actual room in the cupboards. Wooden shelves are great--I've used them in kitchens to hold herbs, jars, and even appliances (depending on the size of the shelf).

Maggi said...

I would love some more counter space! lol Your kitchen looks great, love your knick knack shelf!

Aelwyn said...

Thanks Maggi!

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