Nov 4, 2010

Lots O' Stuff for You!

Well, I felt "written out", so I took some time off.  I was also busy writing an ADF ritual for our group's Samhain ritual! (Did you know ADF rituals have 37 parts to them?  YIKES!).

Anyhow, I came back today and saw LOTS AND LOTS of giveaways from blogs that I follow, so here we go:

Head over to RAMBLINGS FROM THE SUNSHINE STATE, and check out the CARMEX REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY.  You can end up with this:

So head on over, and check it out!  :)

If you like stamping and scrapping, head over to ANGELWOOD'S CRAFTY CORNER, for her BIRTHDAY BLOG CANDY giveaway!  You could end up with this:

Quite the haul, isn't it?   

Then there's:

This giveaway includes:

"Gorgeous 2 light rose sconce that I got when I worked for Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic.
A lovely sage green lace frame with vintage ephemera, a vintage rose china box with lid, a great rusty white wire basket full of shreds of vintage music sheets, 4 vintage floral desert plates and a vintage floral bowl. And last but not least, a vintage linen towel with hand embroidered hydrangeas in pink and blue." 

So get on over there, and post away!


"Bisquick and MyBlogSpark together have generous offered me the opportunity to review the Bisquick Gluten Free Baking Mix and not only do I get to try it but one of my lucky readers do too!  This is such a nice prize pack.  The winner will receive a Bisquick Prize Pack just like the one we received!  This pack includes a box of Bisquick Gluten Free Baking Mix, a heavy pancake pan, pancake pen and a pancake flipper."

You have the chance to win this awesome prize pack:

So get over there, and enter quickly!

Super awesome witchy giveaway from RUNESOUP.  Check it out HERE.  Here is your possible prize:

Isn't it awesome?  From RUNESOUP:

A Home Protection Kit
Purchased at the Basilica di Santa Croce. This place had an amazing energy. It’s also the burial place of Galileo, Dante and Michaelangelo. You can see their tombs in the slideshow. I was on video duty that day so I can’t be blamed for the fact that I have no exterior shots of this impressive building.
The kit contains a wooden crucifix with an image of St Francis and a prayer card with the home blessing written on the back. Think of it as an excuse to practice your Italian. 
A Magic Potion
                                                Beats the Body Shop.
Seriously. This is a bottle of the famed Acqua di Santa Maria Novella.
Made for centuries by apothecaries attached to my favourite Florentine church, it was renowned throughout Europe for it’s restorative properties.
Think of it as an all purpose energy drink for the soul.
 A St Michael Prayer Card In Folder

Okay, so this wasn’t from Florence. This is actually donated by my mother who joined us in the city having just arrived from Assisi where she was visiting St Francis’s cave. So it’s got a lot of magic juice on it, but not strictly Florentine magic juice. It’s got Assisi juice.
A Sibilla Oracle Deck
Nevertheless, you’re getting an Italian card set from very near the home of European cartomancy. It was actually created a bit further north but was extremely popular in Florence during the Renaissance. As was anything to do with magic. Hence the giveaway.

So there you go....a BUNCH of giveaways!  Get yer wee butts to these blogs and sign up for them! :)


moonshinewitch said...

Oh, and take a look at The Diary of a Witch, I have awarded you the Clucking award :)


The Traveler said...

Thanks for posting this! Sadly enough I am so illiterate on blogger that hunting through other peoples blog rolls and looking at the giveaways they post is how I find interesting blogs to follow, lol. So here I go to peruse!

Sharon said...

WHEW! Gobs of giveaways!

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