Nov 18, 2010


Sorry for posting wee items, and items of no consequence lately.  I'm having issues (familial ones), regarding someone whom I think has Borderline Personality Disorder.  I'm sure people who know me IRL can guess who I'm talking about, but I'd rather not post everything on here.

I'll just say that The Man is very worried, as he has not seen me this depressed in 3 years (I only noticed I'm depressed because he said something).

I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow, after talking to my specialist (he's also a Psychiatrist, and often acts in that measure for me).


The Digital Looking Glass said...

Hi hon, I too have had depression issues on and off since I was about 25. I have finally learned how to tell when I'm "not right" and also that it's ok to take meds. It's hard. It sucks. Sometimes you feel completely alone. But you aren't. If you ever need to vent, feel free to vent to me!


mxtodis123 said...

Never apologize for what you put on your blog. It's your blog, and if all you write is "Hi", that's your perogative. Glad you are going to see the doctor tomorrow. Sometimes we hold stuff in and just need someone to listen.

Sherry aka AutumnTurtle said...

Depression sucks! mine is so out of wack I had so many mini panic attacks at work tonight, bawled for hours while at work *shaking head* I believe menopause is now playing with my depression levels and my panic attacks or maybe there is something more serious going to see a new doctor and hopefully that helps! Sorry to go on about me, HUGS!!!! Always here if you need one!!

Wendy said...

Borderline personality disorders can be extremely exhausting and a bit scary. Having bipolar disorder I know how important it is to make sure you surround yourself with a good support system while being really vigilant about your own self-care. Sending you white light.

Aelwyn said...

Thanks everyone...*HUGS*

T-Dear: Thank you! I've been medicated for 4 years now. With Bi-polar, I didn't know what emotions are mine...and I love that now I DO. :)

Mary: Awwww. <3 You're wonderful!

Sherry: Oh, how sucky! I understand hormonal issues messing with depression. I've done better since the hysterectomy (even though I still have my ovaries). I still get PMS, though! LOL! Best of luck at the doc's...hope they figure it out!

Wendy: Thank you! :D I found a good support system on a message board that is anonymous to anyone who may find me on the 'net who I don't want to read about that stuff and that person. It was an eye opener, and my doc was a BIG HELP. I'll be posting a bit about his suggestion, and BPD as well in the near future.

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear that you have been depressed. I have dealt with that off and on myself and it is not fun. Hang in there!

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