Nov 25, 2010

Thrifty Pagan Thursday!

We had an exciting weekend that I talked about on MONDAY MAMBA, and now I'm sharing the cool stuff I saw that you can use in your Pagan practices! 

Cute little copper cauldrons!  I saw these at VV.  The first one is smaller, and the metal is thin, but with sand in the bottom, it makes for a great censer!  The second one was way heavier, and I'd say about medium sized.  I love the design on it, but I have TONS of cauldron like items, so I restrained myself from buying it.  They were both under $5 each. 

This is really cute.  Looks like jam or sauce jar.  You could use it to hold oil on your altar if you could find a ladle to replace the missing one.  You could use it as a censer with sand in the bottom of it (even with the lid closed, since smoke could come out of the hole in the lid).  I think this was around $3.

I have one of these, and have had it since high school.  I love the feet on it.  I always used it to hold salt on my altar, but it could also make a great water dish, or an offering dish!  I think it was $4.

Speaking of offering dishes, this bad boy is amazing!  It's huge (I could put it on my head as a hat).  See all those fancy wood burned and hand painted offering dishes?  Make one yourself!!!  This bowl was a little pricey for something second hand ($12), so I didn't grab it.  If it's still there next time I head to that VV, I'll definitely grab it.

Again, more offering bowls, salt and water dishes, etc.  These were packaged as 3 or 4 for anywhere from $3 to $5.  And again, you can do pyrography on them, or paint them (just be sure to seal them well).

Jars!  You can always use jars.  I have them from the dollar store, second hand stores, and even just washed jars from food storage (pickles, mustard, etc.).  I use them to make oils, waters, store herbs, perform bottle magic, and all kinds of other things.
These jars are so tall (I think they're spaghetti noodle jars).  They were under $4.

 I love these squat little jars, again under $4.

This is a GORGEOUS decanter with stopper.  I can imagine someone using it for moon water, or Florida Water.  It's crystal, and a steal at $14!

Chalices are always something Pagans are looking for.  Why look further than a thrift store?  I've bought chalices for under $10 my whole life.  The one below is really cool (I like the little bit of crystal on the stem), and engravable (can you imagine a pentacle, fairy star, or any other symbol?).

These are cool, and were only 49 cents EACH.  There were 8-10 of them.  I can imagine using them as a chalice, or even for holding water and salt on the altar.  Maybe even an offering dish!

This is gorgeous.  It was $10 and made of crystal.  Not my style for Craft workings, but I'm sure there are MANY witches out there who would LOVE an altar full of crystal!

Another crystal chalice.  It almost looks like a holy grail with the designs on it.  Another steal at only $8!

For those who can't afford (or don't want) crystal, here is a very simple chalice (a champagne flute) that was only $2!  You could paint it up beautifully with glass paint, or embed a symbol with a glass engraving kit (available at most craft stores).

That's it for this Thursday!  We're going antiquing this coming weekend, so I'm sure I'll have some very cool stuff to show you next time!


Aine O'Brien said...

Oh, I love all of this - and the prices!!! I also love antiquing...can't wait to see what you find. said...

that second caldron is a beauty!

The Traveler said...

I love this series! thanks so much for posting this stuff. however I have a question- What is VV and is it available on the west coast?? Cause those copper pots rock!

Aelwyn said...

Aine: I can't wait either!!! I just LOVE antiquing.

Karla: It was soooo tempting, but I have so many! Which makes me think that maybe I should have a Thrifty Pagan Thursday giveaway to clear out the many items I DO have...hmmmm...

Traveler: I'm so glad you like it! VV is Value Village (I meant to link to it). I think it's nationwide, you can check their website here:

The Traveler said...

Thanks Aelwyn! Looks like out here it's Savers, and I'll have to check it out next time I'm out by Anaheim!

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