Nov 22, 2010

Monday Mamba Week 4!

 What a weekend! :)

Friday I had my doctor's appointment (with my pain specialist).  The Man came in with me, and there was also a Resident there.  The Resident got to do my LIDOCAINE INJECTIONS, and he was really good.  He found my trigger points really quickly, and could actually feel when my muscles relaxed as he injected the lidocaine.  He was very kind, and I think he will do well in this field, especially being taught by my doctor.

My specialist also helped me with the issue with The Person I was talking about (whom I think has BPD).  He asked all the right questions that are asked when it is being determined whether you're dealing with someone with BPD or not, so I think they have it.  Doc told me to make a sign that says "They Will Never Change", and when I get one of THOSE phone calls, to look at it and KNOW it wasn't my fault that they are this way, that I really didn't do anything wrong.  I am to say "Thanks for calling, the roast is burning (or another excuse) and I have to go.  Love you, 'bye." Then hang up.

I am RELIEVED I'm not crazy, and that I'm not causing The Person to go off the deep end at times.  I just have to stop letting them get to me, under my skin, and make me feel like I am to blame.  I will work on that, and keep saying "They Will Never Change", and "It's Not My Fault".

After that, The Man and I went to a florist shop to buy flowers for the memorial service of a family friend.  I didn't want to attend as The Person would be there, and there could possibly be drama due to them or even the friends of the deceased.  I felt like a true grown-up buying a lovely flower arrangement and taking it to the funeral home, and that I was doing the right thing.

So then The Man and I went to the Bibles for Missions Thrift Store.  I got a really nice wall shelf ($6) that I'm going to put up in the kitchen.

He got a print of some sort (very "him", though--futuristic, clean lines) that he's putting up in his office at work today).

We then hung out with The Man's Cousin, his Fiancee, and my Bestie.  Bestie got a cool coat for winter from Value Village for under $20, and plans to open the side and back seams and add wool fabric to make it really full (it'll look AWESOME--I used to have a shorter coat like that a loooong time ago when I was skinny).  But for now, The Man thinks it's a great coat for his pimp outfit (with Cousin's hat, and Fiancee's sunglasses):

We went to a local greasy spoon, Helen's, for dinner, and it was DELICIOUS!  I had perogies, which came with a salad and soup.  I can't have veggies, so I asked for fries on the side, to which Helen (who must be 102, and has had this restaurant since she emigrated to Canada forever ago) was shocked...LOL!  I really wish I could have had the cabbage soup, it looked fantastic!

Saturday The Man and I went to Cambridge to discover the flea market and some antique places.  I got to see the Tea Couple (I can't remember the name of their booth) again, and got told I looked like GARCIA again--LOL!

We saw Kali being a candy cane holder:

I thought it was kind of sacrilegious.  I mean, would someone cover a statue of Jesus with candy canes????  As one person said on my Facebook posting of this photo: "There's going to be some red running, and it won't be candy."

We found an antique store as we drove around Cambridge.  Got nothing there, as the people overpriced EVERYTHING.  Really--a full vintage bottle of Coke for $10.00?  They're worth $5.00 maximum!

So on we went to GREEN SPOT ANTIQUES.  What a shop!  They have ephemera, furniture, home decor, old tools, old photos, and tons of other stuff.  The Man bought a straight razor (he collects them, I'd share more info, but have no idea about it), and I bought this for the wedding centre pieces:

Of course, Rackham decided he had to be in the picture:
It's HUGE compared to the other ones, and I ended up cracking the glass because I didn't wrap it up in the back of the car (*sad face*), but it's not much of a crack, so we're going to test it to see if it's okay.  We may only use it outdoors for the Handfasting.
Then we went to Value Village.  Oooo--Cambridge's Value Village is awesome.  I got these vintage appliques (which The Man find creepy):
An awesome book about Gnomes:

Oh, there's Rackham again!  Geez, he just loves the camera today!  Here's a close up of the book:
And the inscription inside the book:
It even has information on more Otherkin:

I found an awesome belt:
LaVeau, get out of there!  *sigh*  The cats must think it's a photo shoot for them!
So after a successful shopping experience at Value Village, we stopped at SOUTHWORKS.   We both needed to pee by this time, and I was dying of thirst!!!!  So after a stop at the washroom there, we went to NOSTALGIA & CO.  The Man got a small glass bottle of Coke, and I got Birch Beer (mmmm). 

Then off to SOUTHWORKS ANTIQUES.  I only wanted to look at one vendor there that carries vintage and antique lace, trims and buttons.  I got a bottle of buttons for $6:
I'm planning to use them for some vintagey hand made Christmas/Yule gifts, as well as for the scarf I'm putting together for myself.

The Man and I looked around a bit, and I didn't find anything else I wanted.  But he did!  A black Playboy lighter, circa the mid 1970s.  It's rare to come across these in the excellent condition this one was in (The Man has a white one that has a lipstick smudge on it).  It was only $25, so I bought it for him as an early Yule gift.  :)  I know he'll enjoy it.  It set me back a bit, but it was a one-time deal, and I HAD to get it for him!

We left there and went to look for a place to eat.  We used the GPS and found a Smitty's in Guelph, so we went there....but it wasn't there any more!  :(  We drove around, and found the STONEROAD MALL .  We had dinner in the food court (mmmm...Greek!), and walked around a bit.  I got another "You look just like Garcia" from a girl at a booth in the center aisle of the mall.

Here's a photo of a really cool Nativity set in the middle of the mall:

I love Nativity scenes.  There are so many rebirth stories of Deities around the Winter Solstice, so I feel it represents all of them.

Then we headed home.  What a day!  I was quite shopped out!

Tomorrow is "rearrange the kitchen day".  Yay!  I think I'll move the cabinet to where the portable dishwasher is, and move the cube shelving too.  We'll see!  I'll also clean out the cabinet and organize it (it's full of unorganized baking stuff, and it's nearly baking and chocolate making time!).  So be prepared to see pics!!!

Oh, and I added our group's Samhain ritual, so take a peek at it right here: SAMHAIN RITUAL, ADF STYLE.

Happy Monday!


Jennifer said...

That nativity set is beautiful. There are dysfunctional people in my family and I just have to remind myself that I can't change them. It is difficult though.

willow said...

sorry to hear that someone is being insane! i laughed at your 'roast' excuse and think this calls for a few more to help you cause let's face it, who can afford a roast more than once a week?!?! some suggestions,~the toaster is on fire, i forgot the fabric softener, oh this garbage stinks i gotta go, oh no forgot about my root canal app. the cats are calling....I could go on forever!~

Love stoneroad mall! They always have the best Santa! also glad to see that you are finding some relief with your doctors! hoping you feel fantastic!

Aelwyn said...

Jennifer: It IS difficult, isn't it. Just keep on remembering you can't change them. *hugs*

Willow: LOL! So true...well, I burn stuff ALL THE TIME (forgetfulness is part of my illness--it's due to pain and meds...LOL). And Yes, I LOVE Stoneroad Mall--they have a David's Tea!!!! We didn't see Santa there (it was closed), but the train at the Santa area was freakin' creepy!

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