Nov 20, 2010

"Wiccan Tea Ritual"

I love tea rituals. Japanese tea ritual, and I found this on THE BOOK OF SHADOWS BLOGThis is a lovely ritual, and there is even a video.  If you don't want to head over there, here is the video for your enjoyment:

Enjoy!!!! Hey, and don't forget the Tea Swap and Blog Party! Go here:


Sara said...

what a great little video about tea. I never thought of that. I am so excited you are playing along with the swap and blog party. Hugs Sara

Lisa said...

Funny thing! I was just at your blog in the blog reader this morning and very excited about looking at it when I got called away. Then when I finally got to come sit back down, I found your lovely comments over at my place. :) A very nice synchronicity!!

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