Dec 6, 2010

Not Blogging for a While

Hey everyone!

Just so I don't disappear for a while and people wonder where I am, I will not be blogging for a bit.

My father went into the hospital ER on Thursday, and had to go back in on Friday for an ultrasound.  They admitted him that night, and did emergency surgery on him Saturday morning. 

Doctors removed a 3 centimeter long cancerous mass from his small intestine, removed 4 extra feet of his small intestine, and also his lymph nodes.  The mass was sent to be tested for what type of cancer it is.  His uncle in Ireland just recently died from cancer in the same area less than a month ago, so it's extra hard for some of us, and our Irish family.

The good news is that the doctor is confident that they removed ALL the cancer.  The bad news is that he will likely have chemo to make sure the cancer doesn't decide to spread or pop up elsewhere.

My dad's in the hospital until at LEAST this Friday, and then he'll be off work for at least 2-3 months. 

We are lucky to have a large family with lots of support on my mom's side, and my dad's sister is taking it really hard (their father died of Leukemia, and right now her daughter is having trouble with her kidneys and will likely need a transplant).  We also have massive support from my dad's co-workers and former co-workers (he works for the municipality, and it's like a big family!).  My mom is doing pretty good, especially since the doctor let her know that they got all the cancer out (before knowing that, she was a wreck).

My dad is in EXCELLENT spirits, has a GREAT nursing team (thanks to Ida, Waynette and Mac!), and is in the BEST hospital for cancer care, and has a great doctor (and residents).  I'm very thankful to the Gods for blessing us with that.

I'll be back on when things are less crazy.  The only updates are via my Facebook, as family are on it as well.

I will see you all soon!



Sharon said...

Blessings and comfort for your Dad and the rest of your family. We will be here when you have time.

Take care of you and yours!


TMCPhoto said...

That is a lot to have to deal with. It is such a huge head start for your Dad that he is in such good spirits, more than half the battle is in how adversity is faced.

Take care said...

Best wishes for your father's health.

Sara said...

my thoughts are with you and your family I hope everything goes ok and dont forget to look after yourself. Hugs Sara

Susan said...

love an light upon your family. Sending prayers and healing energy!
gentle hugs,

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this. Healing energy and encouragement to your father and the whole family.

D.Suplicki said...

Cancer is an ugly beast that we've dealt with a few times in my family as well. Sending lots of love and healing energy to you and your family!

Witch of Stitches said...

You, your family and dad will be in my thoughts and prayers. XO

Wendy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry your father is going through all these procedures for Cancer. I am SO glad that he is being taken care of really well both on the medical level and personally. When my mother was dying of cancer, everything was so split, including our family. I absolutely know that a strong support system is essential to overcoming an illness, like cancer. Please take care of yourself and know that many of us are sending blessings for you and your family.

TD (Tammy @ Journal of Evolution) said...

Love and support to you and your family.

Chrysalis said...

Candles lit for your father and your family.

WyzWmn© said...

Brightest Blessing on you and yours
sending all the Peace and Strength I got to you

Aisha said...

i just saw this post, i'm sorry to hear about your dad, i'm praying for your family. may your dad pull through with no longterm lasting effects.
brightest Blessing

Haunted Souls said...

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