Jan 16, 2012

Hello my Witchy Friends!

I've been gone for a long, long time!  Not only has my time been taken up by wedding planning, illness (what else is new???), helping to create a Trad Craft group IRL, but I'm learning D&D, busy selling stuff on Facebook (I'll likely put items up on here, too) because we NEED the money for the wedding!

So yes, life is hectic, as usual!  Do I need a Blog Without Obligation on this blog somewhere???  Heehee!

Okay, so today I wanted to share the film "Catfish".  It's a documentary about a man who falls in love with a woman on Facebook.  There is a VERY unexpected ending!  This not only applies to people who copyright infringe in order to build a "life" on Facebook, but also about trusting your gut!  IMDB has it listed HERE, or Wikipedia has it HERE (don't read this if you plan to watch it--lots of spoilers).

I'm also working on a Trad Craft, Cunning and Hoodoo related blog that will be MUCH more serious than this.  Mostly information on workings, folklore, information, etc.  So keep a look out for that coming up (it's kind of like my own online grimoire).


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