Jan 21, 2012

Winter Cleaning?

Wow, it's a crazy crazy winter here in the Golden Horseshoe of Ontario!  It was warm right up until just after Christmas, and now it's freezing, but we DO have snow!  What happens to me when it's winter?  I feel the need to clean and organize!

So our house is a mess.  Of course it is!  We're hauling stuff from upstairs and downstairs into the living room and dining room to sort through to either sell (HERE, if you want to visit), give away (I love to gift), donate, or toss.  Well, we've been selling a LOT of items.  So far, people owe me $200 + in total for the items they ordered off the site.  That is going into the "Wedding Fund".

My Witchy Life is basically being really paired down.  I had SO MUCH stuff for celebrating the neo-Pagan Sabbats (Wheel of the Year), and now we utilize the same items on the altar every ritual (with something small to represent the season).  I find that a) I can focus more on the Craft and holiness of that day and b) offer more of myself to the Gods in ritual, without all the accoutrements (though the seasonal decorator in me screams to be let out, so I'm making wreaths for each season).

Do YOU need or like to have items to symbolize the season for your ritual???  Why or why not?

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